Core temp showing really low temps for 960T

Hi. I recently got a 960t and am using a arctic freezer 7 pro until I get a hyper 212 evo or plus. Im using a coolermaster silencio 550 case so was expecting some seriously high temps but both core temp and HWMonitor are showing about 22c as my idle temp. My room temp is about 15 - 20c and have one 120mm intake and one 120mm exhaust fan.

Surely these temps aren't accurate? :??:
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  1. Does the cpu temp have a smiliar value? ( the one that says just cpu not cores).

    Temperatures of only 3-6c over ambient are normal with these chips at idle, due to drastically dropping the frequency through Cool n' Quiet, which is enabled by default on the BIOS.
  2. My Bios reports temps of about 30 - 40c. Core temp only shows me the core temps for some reason. Can't understand why.
  3. What program are you using to measure the core temp?
  4. Core Temp because I've heard good things about it but also tried HWMonitor to make sure.
  5. Can you take a screenshot of HWmonitor and post it here?.

    The BIOS temp is higher because Cool n'Quiet only kicks in once you're in windows, dropping the cpu frequency to 800mhz when at idle, at BIOS it is alwas locked at 3ghz.
  6. get rid of coretemp, get HWmonitor.

  7. Here's a screenshot of it. I just don't understand how this is so low since my 965be ran much hotter?
  8. If you had a 965 why did you get a 960t?

    Back on topic, the 965 is either 125-140w CPU whereas the 960t is 95w, and with much hotter just how much hotter do you mean?

    If the ambient temperatures are around 15c, then 20c sounds about right in a power saving state, use cpu-z to check the cpu frequency, if it's at 800mhz for those values then there's nothing to worry about.
  9. Dropped it and broke the pins :(

    I had the C3 125w. That with my hyper 212+ was running about 30 - 35 idle and about 50 - 55 load in exaclty the same case as I'm using now.

    Yep Just checked that its running at 800mhz. So I guess it is true that it is running that cool? I'm amazed to say the least. Especially as my case has soundproofing foam in it with a little cooler like the arctic freezer 7.
  10. Did you ever change the active power plan in windows since you had the 965?, it was probably running at the 3.4ghz permanently thus the higher temperatures, and when you put in the 960 it might have reset itself to balanced so now it goes down to 800mhz.

    I have a Phenom 955 at 3.5ghz with the same cooler ( hyper 212) but on a well cooled case, without cool n quiet it's around 8-10c above ambient at idle( high performance power scheme on windows) and with cool n'quiet it's only 2-3c above the ambient temps, the 955 is 125w also, so those temperatures in your case are pretty feasible.
  11. That's what I was doing wrong. Never really touched my power plan.

    I suppose I'll still get a hyper 212 evo or something for load temps and so I can attach a quieter fan but now I can stop worrying.

    Appreciate your help. Thanks! :D
  12. what is the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is = to or lower than the CPU temperature, then something is wrong. It is impossible for any component to run below ambient. you would expect it to be at least a couple of degrees above ambient. Update your motherboard BIOS, sometimes that will cause an issue with newer cpu's and reading temps.
  13. I think it's all good its few degrees above ambient. I tested it out in a game earlier and it got to about 40c. I felt the back of the case and cool air was blowing out.

    I will update my bios though.
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