AM3+ micro ATX mobo

i want to buy a new motherboard and AMD FX proc
micro atx ,without case ,and radeon 7970ghz edt
some1 got cheap solution ?so many option for socket and chipset ,and it confused me ...
if i buy FX4100 or 4170 will it bottlenecked radeon 7970?? :heink: vf5finalshowdown[at]
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  1. what country are you buying this in?
  2. you are better off with a phenom ii x4 965 or a intel chip. fx sucks for gaming.
  3. im planning to go to US next month so maybe i ll look for cheap bargain
    phenom2 > FX??
  4. TheBigTroll said:
    you are better off with a phenom ii x4 965 or a intel chip. fx sucks for gaming.

    Have you actually used a fx processor before? no I doubt it so stop trolling. The fx series is fine for gaming all the internet hate these cpus get is pathetic all from disapointed intel fanboys.
  5. im sorry. i was just overclocking my friends fx-8120 to 4ghz, plugged in my gtx670, and got 5-10 fps (or more) compared to when i was running my rig with a i7 3770k. hyperthreading was turned off btw
  6. his specs were pretty close. we both used basic motherboards for asus, we both had the same amount of ram and we were essentially using the same computer
  7. so to put it simply ,fx-8120 >i7 3770k??
    what game did u use to test it?
  8. swap that. got more fps on the i7.

    BF3. we also played GW2 but didnt completely test it out
  9. got it ,may i ask what motherboard do u use right now? bulldozer or wait for upcoming vishera?
    btw i ll visit US around 28 this month,maybe its to early for vishera,but i ll hunt for good motherboard 1st for sure
  10. vishera isnt quite out yet. current benchmarks put the 8350 slightly under the 2600k (which is good because amd needs to go back up again) in workloads. no benchmarks for games yet

    you should be in time though. apparantly they are to be released on october 17
  11. yayyyyy october 17,so by 27 maybe some1 will post benchmark score of 8350 or another vishera series
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