Upgrading Pc

Approximate Purchase Date: Next month or 2

Budget Range: £200-£300 (stretch if possible)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Movies

Parts Not Required: Hard drive (Samsung 1TB hard drive), Graphics card (Nvidia 9600GT OC2)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: scan.co.uk, Ebuyer.com

Country of Origin: England

Parts Preferences: by brand or type Any make

Overclocking: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Im needing to upgrade my pc to be able to run Battlefield 3, and Skyrim.

Current system:

450W PSU
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
2 gb ddr2 (already bought 4gb, DDR 1333mhz ram)
1 TB hardrive

Thinking about getting:

650W PSU
Intel i5 processor
4GB Ram (Already got)
1 TB hardrive

Would that power supply be able to run it? and what do you think about the parts? I dont know much about specifics so that is why im asking, just looking for products in that performance range or higher if not too much more.

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  1. The video card you selected is underpowered for the rest of the system. Something more in line would be a 560 Ti. That would balance the system better.
  2. How much extra you think that would cost? also i forgot i would need a motherboard. but dont remotely know what to look for. Thanks
  3. Here's a link to a video card such as I have suggested:

    Cost is 179.

    Your selection of a 650 Watt power supply, as long as it's made by someone like Corsair or Antec, will be fine.

    As for your MB, that choice depends on whether or not you want to overclock your cpu. Do you want to overclock?
  4. I was looking at the PSU so should be fine i hope.

    And i think thats too expensive, i would rather not spend like £450-£500. Would an I3 be better then? I hope to get this before the end of october for battlefield 3.

    Also i would prefer not to overclock, as i dont have a clue what to do.
  5. Are you saying the video card is too expensive?

    What's your total budget for this build?

    If you are going to game, then you need the core i5 and at least a an Nvidia 560 video card (30 less than the 560 Ti I suggested earlier). http://www.scan.co.uk/products/1gb-kfa2-gtx-560-40nm-4008mhz-gddr5-gpu-810mhz-shader-1620mhz-336-cores-2x-dvi-i-mhdmi-plusfree-batm

    I'll look for a MB in the meantime while you digest this
  6. Yea basically. My 9600GT has run every game at max or near max just fine. Such as bad company 2, dues ex although dont have that many new games atm. And i didnt want to spend more than £300 as i didnt think i would need a graphics card. My Core 2 duo atm seems to run everthing fine, so i dont think it needs to be at least i5.

    What do i really even look for in a motherboard apart from the max ram, slots it has, and the CPU it can handle.
  7. Thats too overpowered for what i need i think. It can handlue 32GB of ram. At most i would get 8GB and at 1333mhz or 2133. Also i would never use crossfire.

    I was looking at more like this. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/asus-p8h61-m-lx2-si-intel-h61-s-1155-ddr3-sata-ii-3gb-s-pcie-20-%28x16%29-vga-on-board-micro-atx
  8. It's pretty much the bottom of the line of current motherboards. I see what you are looking at, and I wouldn't generally recommend it because the ability to upgrade it in the future is so limited.
  9. Is that really going to be much of a problem though. When i next upgrade my pc i would buy a new motherboard with it so i wouldnt be upgrading with it. But i cant really afford much better at the moment.
  10. OK. Well it seems you have a pretty firm idea of what type of upgrade you want to pursue, so I won't try to impose my ideas on you.
  11. Thanks for trying. But i just cant afford a top of the line PC. Im looking for simple and cheap but poweful if possible.
  12. Ok, so i been thinking a lot and looking at a lot of battlefield 3 footage and decided i need a powerful pc lol.

    Basically NEW BUDGET: About £500 (if i sell my airsoft gun probably £600-£700)

    So i will probably get that motherboard you said, and i have a few questions.

    Intel i5 still good for this? and 2.8ghz or 3.3ghz?

    Should i get a slightly less powered graphics card and later on get it in crossfire, or just get one good one?

    If i can afford it, should i get 8GB of ram? (current bought 2x2GB kingston 1333mhz)

    Also powersupply, Prob be something like Corsair but 650W or 750W?

    Also, overclocking. Worth it? i dont really know what to do and does it create a lot more heat?

    Last one, is it worth saving up a bit more and waiting till after BF3 comes out and get a more powerful pc as i would have a bit more money? Really would like BF3 when it comes out, although think i can play it on my pc atm just lot lower specs.

    I think thats about it. So thanks in advance.
  13. I see this hit a bit of a dead end.

    Your list looks fine, but really the PSU is a bit too much for a single card and you are unlikely to get a second. The selected MB is a fine one but the second PCI-E slot only operates at x4, making it inappropriate for crossfire or SLI.

    Go with the 6950 2Gb if you can afford it.

    Consider a 650TX V2.

    And make sure the selected RAM is 1.5V. You may need to confirm this with the vendor or compare the part number with the Corsair site.
  14. Ah right i didnt realise that, so if i were to do crossfire/SLI i would have to get a new motherboard then. And that were the PSU i were looking at getting.
    The RAM is 1.5v so guess thats fine then.

    Thanks a lot.
  15. Also the artic cooling freezer isn't that great. You said that you do not plan on overclocking at all? If so the additional Heat sink fan would be unnecessary. Not to mention, a K series cpu would also be unnecessary. If you do want to dabble with overclocking (very simple with the 2500k) Look into something like like Hyper 212 evo.
  16. How would you go about overclocking then? Also does it create much more heat?

    Also is this the fan you are on about?


  17. Yes, that CM cooler will do a better job than the one you originally listed.

    You'll find some OC guides linked in the overclocking forum. Just take your time and do your research on that.
  18. Ah i will do thanks, Gonan have a look soon and see if its worth it.

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