2500k overclocking with Z77H2-A2X Deluxe (v1.0)


so i'm trying to overclock 2500k, but i'm confused with some options provided in the BIOS.
For example, there is no Load Line Calibration (LLC) option, which is used in most tutorials for sandy bridge overclocking.
And not sure what is "Over Clocking Extra Vol.(1/256V)", and how it should be used. Default value for this field is "0".
Actually most of the options are different compared to some other MB (ASUS, ASRock, GigaByte...)

Can you, please, explain this and tell me what option should i use to overclock 2500k, beside "CPU Ratio"?
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  1. ECS = Garbage

    I'm not surprised there is no LLC in bios option.
  2. Hey:
    1) the "OCE Vol 1/256 probably refers to increasing the VOLTAGE on the CPU to permit higher overclocks. I highly recommend you don't bother. It adds a lot to the heat and the CPU overclocks quite well without using it.

    There really aren't many games that require an overclocked 2500K anyway.

    General overclocking goes something like this:
    1) change the BASE CLOCK (i.e. to 200MHz)

    2) change the CPU MULTIPLIER until you get the frequency you desire (i.e. 200MHz x 20 = 4000MHz)

    3) check that the RAM FREQUENCY is where it should be (i.e. 1600MHz)

    4) adjust the RAM MULTIPLIER if necessary to ensure this (i.e. 200MHz x 8 = 1600MHz)

    5) run MEMTEST

    *You'll want an after market CPU HSF, not the stock one for overclocking and again don't expect most games to benefit.
  3. @photonboy
    As I understand there is no point to rise Base Clock (BCLK) on SB and IB, since above 105 they became unstable. Correct me if i'm wrong...

    Forgot to mention that i'm using CNPS10x Performa for cooling.
    Current BIOS setting are:
    CPU Frequency: 100
    CPU Ratio: 45
    CPU Voltage: 1.275V
    CPU Voltage Mode: Ignore SVID
    Memory Profile: XMP Profile 1 (DDR 1600)
    All other settings are Default BIOS settings

    You can see here how ECS BIOS are looking:
  4. Load Line Calibration (LLC) is just user selectable pre-programmed Vdroop compensation.
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