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hi all,

ok this will be my 1st build,and just wanted to know if all is ok
this rig will be used purely for gaming, and maybe a little bit of fraps
the rig looks something like this







7) as for the mobo and the cpu ive been pointed in the direction of


8) grafix
£200 is the max for a card, but if there is another card which is better pls link
the power is overkill i know but i was going down the c/f line a little later,

its the last few bits i want to get right,mobo,card and cpu,

my minds been changed from a AMD phenom 11 965 to a i3 2100
will it be worth steping up on my cpu to the next stage or will a i3 be good for me?. there will be no o/c, will the card i picked go with the board i dont want to bottleneck things. think i covered all so ill leave it to you guys,and ill be happy to take other options, remember i have all apart from mobo,card,cpu, my max cost is £800

many thks
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  1. i had the case for the fans and the airflow,as i can put some stupid hours in gaming some times 16hrs + aday, ok maybe alittle over kill but still i think it would do the job,(plus i have it allready) as for the bits i had joined 1 site (e-buyer)and they seemed to have all that i needed and the cheepest, so i just stayed with them,like i say i have all the bits apart from the mobo,card,and cpu
  2. Quote:
    *** what AdrianPerry said.

    Get the case you want, dont buy a cheaper case then regret it each time you look at the case.

    I did quite clearly say "Unless you have some burning desire for that case".

    You would be amazed how many people think they need to buy a FULL Tower case for a standard build. Full towers are generally aimed towards watercooling and e-ATX motherboard sized builds. Just putting the facts out there.
  3. ok the the build would be £800, or cheaper,as for the 3 bit i have around £400 mark sorry for the confusion

    the prices i had are

    1)mobo £77.99
    2)cpu £91.35
    3)card max £200ish (£220)
  4. Since you already have most of the components.....

    What is your budget for CPU, GPU, Motherboard?
  5. sorry i beat you to the reply,
  6. ive been thinking and reading on forams that i might need to upgrade from the i3 to an i5 im not going to o/c so i wont need the k version i waiting for bf3 to come out and i want to run it on medium-max settings will this set up run bf3 and future games ?
  7. the i3 will probably bottleneck that gpu. i recommend an i5
  8. so the i3 wont run with the 6950 card smoothly ? i know the i3 2100 is the min for gaming but i want to run them without loss of performance, thats why im thinking of the i5 and a 6950 card, im currently useing ebuyer for parts so if you could link a i5 along with a good mobo thks
  9. will this one be the one i need

    i read if i go for a i5 go with the k version, and still have the option to o/c if i want
  10. Yes the cost difference is very small between i5-2500 and i5-2500k so may as well just buy the K. That way overclocking is always there if you want it.
  11. Its not a combo deal, its just two items frequently bought together. No money off or anything like that.
  12. i dont suppose you have seen a good i5 2500k and mobo combo have ya ?

    If you check their "Today Only Deals" tab, they often have some pretty nice combo's on there where you can save like 10% or so.
  14. edit.
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