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Installing 560 Ti

I tried installing it along my 8800 and it made a weird screeching noise when on. After removing the 8800 it booted fine but now it just restarts pc while gaming after <1 min of play. Anyone know what maybe wrong? My 8800 is still working perfectly fine alone. I used the clean install option when installing the driver for the 560.
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  1. What power supply do you have ???
  2. Yea, sounds like a bad or low voltage/wattage PSU. Whats the Make/Mode/Wattage? And do you have the PCI-e (6-Pin) plugs in all the way?

    My GTX 460 had some issues till I realized that I didn't have one of the 6 pinners in all the way.
  3. I have a 600W OCZ GameXstream. It only has 2 GPU power connectors but my GPU came with a converter. I found a sweet spot setup and everything is looking good. Have the 8800 GTS set to PhysX and the 560 Ti for everything else.

    Now I'm having trouble controlling the fans. I'm using EVGA Precision set to auto but the fans never increase speed. How do I fix this?
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