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I'm reporting on behalf of forum user JimmySmitty who does not have forum access to report the problem.

He can access other sites except THG.

He has tried the other mirror sites.

It produces the same result.

Internet Explorer 8.
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  1. Try a different browser. IE is a pain because it never tells you why it can't display the page, just that it can't.
  2. Jimmy has tried FF3.
  3. So what is the error in FF3?
  4. same one?
  5. Can't be, FF3 gives you a different 'baloon like' error message. It would contain more information why it can't reach the site.

    Also, does it take a long time before the error message appears, or does he get it straight away? If the latter is the case, its probably a firewall or bad network configuration.
  6. Ive had issues getting to the site for the last couple of days, this may be ISP related. Im on Qwest DSL.
  7. Ok, I'll check with Jimmy.
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