Set up computer as public IP and expose to internet

How can I set up the computer(win XP) and router in order to expose the computer to internet .
So, public can fto in and out to this computer .
The computer is connect to the router that use PPPOE to access internet .
The computer is connected the router by direct cable
The router is TP link TL-WR740N.
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  1. Look into Port Forwarding. You'll need to identify the port being used for the connection and then forward that port to the private IP of the computer.

    You could also put the IP address of the computer into the DMZ and set port forwarding of all ranges to that IP address.
  2. IIRC, the DMZ does not block any ports. It's wide open to the internet by default.
    But that could change between routers I guess.
  3. You are correct. Kind of added in a little trick that if it wasn't in the DMZ the port forwarding part would still make it work. Just wasn't letting in on that one. :)
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