How much is it worth?

Rosewill Thor full tower case
600watt rocketfish modular 80plus psu
Intel d975xbx2 motherboard
Intel qx6700 2.66ghZ extreme quad core
2gb ocz 800mhz reaper memory
2gb crucial 800mhz ballistix memory
Xfx hd5750 1gb video card
Thermaltake spinq CPU cooler
60gb ocz vertex 2 ssd
500gb western digital hard drive
Linksys wireless card
DVD drive
Nzxt 2m orange led light kit
Windows xp pro (don't have a windows 7 for it)

How much do you guys think that this pc is worth cable management has been used and there are hardly any wires to be seen.
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  1. $350-$400.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I would be happy to get 400 out of it I know that it still games really well but I built a new system and don't need this one anymore. I'll probably get some pictures of it and post it on craigslist and see what happens.
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