Computer unable to boot, no monitor input

Hi there,

First off you will have to excuse me if my technical jargon doesn't jive very well or it doesn't make sense. I will try to do my best to keep it simple so as to not confuse anyone. I understand the basic concepts, but as things become more intricate I tend to lose my understanding.

Ok so I purchased a gaming rig from a reputable (or so I believe) online company that specializes in making gaming computers, low to high end computers.

I personalized a computer adding/upgrading some components I felt that I would like to have in a gaming computer, here are my specs:

Intel I7-2600k 3.4 ghz
16gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz DDR3
Gigabyte Z68A D3H-BE
500Gb SATA II 3.0 GB 16MB 7200RPM
Windows 7 Professional

Here's my issue(s): When I first received my computer all seemed well (except for an LED light was not working for the case appearance only). The company left 6 screws for the case to roll around inside but I didn't think too much of it. I hooked everything up, installed the necessities, updated some drivers and began installing games. At this point I had the computer on for roughly 16hrs. After I had installed the new game (basically the one I purchased the computer for) I started playing. About 20 minutes into the game the computer locks up, the screen showed tons of static and then nothing on the monitor.

I was worried as this computer could more than handle the settings of the game that I had it at. I went to reboot the computer and start running some tests to see what was going on. The monitor showed "NO DVI Input". I checked the connections, everything was fine - except I had the DVI plugged into the mobo instead of the video card? I rebooted once more, same issues. I then decided to switch out the DVI for VGA, same thing, no input.

At this point I was getting very frustrated, I tried the monitor from my other (older) computer, same thing no input via VGA. I then tried to plug the DVI into the video card, no change. I unplugged the power cord, opened up the computer to see if something was fried, everything looked and smelled normal. I took out the video card to take a better look, no issues. I took out the memory x4 (they were extremely warm!) I then reinserted everything and tried booting up the computer, still no input. Now however, the computer is turning on for 30sec then turning off, this is on going.

Finally I took apart the CPU water cooling fan and took a look at the CPU, I am not experienced in this area but I saw no issues with the CPU.. The thermal paste looked a little skimpy, but I am not sure if that is normal?

That was all last night, needless to say I didn't get to play my game. Today I took my PSU down to a very good computer/tech shop and they diagnosed the PSU to be faulty and not working. I thought "great! I'll just buy a new PSU (as I also found out the xtremegear are total pieces of junk anyways!). I bought a Thermaltake 850w TR2 RX and installed it into the computer and attached all the cables (first time doing that). I thought for sure this would fix the issue and I could start back to normality. I was wrong, still same issues except the computer turns on for 15sec and then shuts off only to start back up again and repeat.

I appologise for such a lengthy post, but I figured the more info the better to help find an answer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Bump - it seems like something is preventing the computer from entering POST.. Can a mobo that is defective or no longer working properly cause the computer to turn on then off immediately?
  2. At this point I have also cleared the CMOS, reseated everything (I even took out the mobo and reseated that too!).

    I've tried another video card and plugging the monitor into another computer.

    I've checked the cpu water cooling unit, and I think it works? Never had one before, it feels cool to the touch on the plate when the unit kicks in.

    All of these tests and no positive results yielded yet.. It's so frustrating not being able to solve this!
  3. It is very likely that the Xtreme crap fried something when it vent out! Your replacement is though not much better! I would return the replacement PSU and send the crap back to the vendor for fixing! You should have them install a new PSU but from high on this list
    That is what warranties are for!
  4. Thanks for your reply rolli, as sad as it sounds I've been hovering over this thread all day hoping something might pop up. All the vendor will do is replace with the same psu.. So returning junk for more junk. I didn't know the thermaltake was garbage as well? Is there any way to know if I fried the mobo? I looked all over for signs of damage but nothing!
  5. It is hard to tell but what you are doing is more intensive than building your own system! You would pretty much have to start from scratch and use our guide and bread boarding method in the link to find out what actually fried.
  6. I was hoping to avoid sending the whole PC back to the vendor and instead fix it myself. Unfortunately it is looking like this won't be the case. I looked over that list you posted on PSU's and I will return the psu I just purchased and pick up one off newegg probably. I will now have the time to wait for the PSU to be shipped as I will have to ship the PC back. Thanks again for your feedback rolli59, if anything else comes to mind that might help I won't be sending the computer back until I get an RMA from the vendor ;)
  7. I am almost inclined to say that you should send it back for refund and build your own but at this stage you are probably going to lose money on that transaction.
  8. You know the thought has crossed my as well.. Before this computer I didn't really do much with computers, but now I've practically rebuilt the darn thing.. I just hope me fiddling around with the parts doesn't void the warranty =P I did quite an excellent deal on the RAM, video card and CPU though.
  9. Now you know why we build our own computers instead of depending on someone else.It is either going to be really expensive or there will be a mixture of high and low quality parts.
  10. I actually found it to be quite interesting taking the computer apart and putting it all back together very carefully. My next computer will definitely be built. I just wish there was more I could have done with this PC..
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