SABERTOOTH Z77 in Dell XPS 730X?

Hello guys, :hello:

I had a dell xps 730x. Want to upgrade mobo/cpu to SABERTOOTH Z77/i73770k. The 730x had a dell/msi mobo ( the case is actually an 8-slot case, allowing for XL-ATX. Though the top 8th slot only allows for a single-slot width card to be installed and is an extremely tight fit with the chamber divider in the case. -Wiki )

Did some search but still no sure.

So the SABERTOOTH Z77 gonna fit right in or need any mod?

Thank you.
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  1. Replace the rear panel I/O shield with the one that comes with the ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 and the motherboard should properly mount without any problem.
  2. if yours has that water cooler, a swap will be possible.....but not simple....

    that chipset cooler wont fit, which would not be hard to eliminate. but the cpu position is off as well.....

    not a project id undertake without knowledge of modding
  3. Oh, the 730x has air cooling system not the h2c.

    Thanks a lot for help guys! Appreciated! =]
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