SLI'd Gtx 560 ti, 3dMark 11, "Your Score is Low"? Why?

I ran the 3D Mark 11 basic benchmark test and here are my results:;jsessionid=mcjad6apv2vt?show_ads=true&page=%2F3dm11%2F1532178%3Fkey%3D4BrtuD5Yx9Bbx9uBSKL32hxprKqNS9

If it says my score is low, how well is it supposed to be performing? Are the FPS's low? What also concerns me is that the basic edition doesn't even run at full 1080p resolution.

Note: Nothing has been overclocked.
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  1. Stock systems score as "Your Score is Low" because the average system saved into their database is overclocked, often heavily overclocked. 8k+ is pretty decent.
  2. Are there any bottlenecks?
  3. I wouldn't call anything a bottleneck, but much of the time you have more graphical power than needed with 1080p.
  4. I get P8784 with a similar rig and my score is supposed to be comparable.
  5. Hi Ragdoll47!

    I have the same 2 cards and having the same issue. It is almost like one card is working and the other is not. I downloaded the newsest driver, checked my SLI bridge and both cards individually, and they work fine independently. However, dont think SLI drivers are working very well. The cards do not share the load evenly from what I have gathered.

    Driver needed for GTX 560 ti SC

    In the driver highlights on Nvidia's driver page from the link above, it says that the new driver enables sli on the 990 fx Chipset. However, I did this and it shows both cards in SLI under the nvidia control panel.
    The GTX 560 TI SC closest to the CPU is so hot and the other card below in the second PCIE X16 slot is so cool.

    THere has to be a problem. Let me know if you figured this issue out.
  6. Your score really isn't much lower than average, I don't think there's really a problem. I had a similar score with a similar system. The funny part was when I ran the extreme test (EVGA cards can be registered for a full key to 3D mark 11) I ended up in the top 10%.

    You can go through and update drivers and your BIOS, overclocking would also bring your scores up. Unless your score ends you up a thousand points below average there probably isn't much to worry about.
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