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my wife's laptop has been slow for a while, i changed the virtual memory for system to adjust and it went up, also i changed another setting for visual specs to be best performance and that helped a bit, i looked at the memory, it shows 480 when i did a belarc run. but also says that there is 256 in each slot, why dont i have 512 showing? i want to upgrade with more but concerned there may be an issue, the mother board is a quanta 09ec 34.20. i understand it should be able to have 1g of memory, im not sure if i should buy two 512 or get one 1g stick, could there be an issue with the slot in mine or the stick itself? the other thing when i look up the number on the memory stick itself it shows a 144 pin, but when i look up to upgrade by model number it shows a 200 pin? on the stick it says samsung k4h561638f-tcb3, thats on the outer one that i can see, but the other number i see is pc2700s, that shows a 200 pin. its a compaq presario m2000, i looked in bios and that doesnt let me do anything with the memory. belarc says bios is hewlett-packard f.20 04/15/2005, also says my bus clock is 100 megahertz, im confused on what to do and would love some help, thanks...
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  1. forgot to mention it has windows xp....and it does say 256ddr sodimm on the stick
    But it might also be time to please the wife a little and get her a new laptop. :)
  3. noidea_77 said: might also be time to please the wife a little and get her a new laptop. :)

  4. that link comes up saying sorry we couldnt load page:(.....
    i thought about a new one, but i figured a memory stick would be the cheapest way to at least maybe get it a little faster, but yeh eventually we need a new one
  5. Just followed my link and it works.
  6. well i followed the wording on the link and got it to show me a 200 pin 512mb memory, it says 1g is the max for the system, if i put two 512s i will get 1g even then right? that extra wont be recognized but wont hurt anything will it? i can get a 1g stick from places like newegg for about $30, is it better to get one big one or the 2 smaller ones? thanks for the help
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