4870m cf vs gtx 285m sli

In a m17x r2 which is better
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  1. In desktop 285 i far faster then 4870, but in mobile i do not know. I would still say 2x 285.
  2. what about 2x5870m vs 285?
  3. They should be faster(but not by a lot) plus ati has dx11 and it does not get so hot. That's if you put 2 against 2 in dual card configurations.

    If you have 2 5870m vs 1 gtx285m there is no comparing them. Also if you compare 2 mobility 5870 vs 1 desktop gtx285 the mobility setup is faster. Your post confused me.
  4. M17x R2 is fairly old,there are much better options now(M17x R3/M18x)
    Anyway,2 285Ms are faster than 2 4870Ms and compared to 2 5870M's,they're pretty much equal.
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