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Heat issue !!

i am just wondering if my chip is getting to hot or if there is room to OC. my temp idle is around 9c via HWMonitor, and 52c under full load. i wanna squeez a few more ghz outta this chip if i can.
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  1. 9°C? What is your room temp? Hardly that cold, chip should at least be a few degrees warmer than room temp 20°C = 68°F. What is BIOS reporting?
  2. hw monitor says 9c, mobo says 33c idle
  3. 33°C idle is a number I belief since most people keep their homes in the 20's C. Now the question is if your load temps were of as well!
  4. both core temp and hw monitor say 52c under full load
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    That is a very believable temp! You should be able to OC that a bit but not much past 60°C under load.
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  7. thanks man!
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