Potentially DOA/Shorted Motherboard?

Well i'm posting this because I am all out of ways to troubleshoot this. This was my first time trying to build a computer on my own, and I was doing the external test build.
My specs are:
Intel i5-3570k
8 gb HyperX ddr3
Rosewill Green series RG630-S12 PSU
ASRock Z77M LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s Motherboard
Nvidia GT 440 Video Card

So I was following the newegg tutorial on how to install all of the components. I even invested in a anti-static wrist strap and grounded myself to any metal I could find. I properly installed (according to the tutorial) the CPU, HSF, RAM, Video card, the 20+4 Power for the MOBO, and finally the 4+4 power for the CPU. The video insisted that I short the 2 power connectors with a screw driver. So I plugged in my PSU, turned it on, and made the connection. And nothing. No fans, not even the PSU's. So I predicted it was my PSU and grabbed an old 350w PSU from an old comp. Hooked up ONLY the 24 pin connecter (not the cpu because the old power supply only had 4 pins) and tried connecting the 2 pins for the power switch. Suprisingly the HSF worked..only the HSF. Next I took out the Video card and attached the video cables to the on board video. I then went to test the rosewill PSU. I put a paper clip attached to the Green and black wire and powered it on. The power supplies fan spun, so I assumed the PSU to be working. Re-wired my MOBO with the Rosewill PSU and tried the 2 power pins again, nothing. So utterly confused on what could not be working as of right now. I tried removing a stick of ram...etc. Anyone got any solutions out there before I call it DOA and get a replacement?
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  1. I would take the Rosewill psu and connect it up in th old computer and see if it will run it.
    Just to be sure are you shorting the right two pins?
    It only takes a momentary touching of the pins and your not to hold the screw driver there for more than a sec.
  2. I will try that, and yes the pins were the right ones. Thanks though!
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