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I'm planning to configure a rig with Asrock 870 extreme3 motherboard, amd phenom II x4 965 processor, corsair 8GB ram, Nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti 1GB. Please advice me few suitable chassis and power supply.
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  1. Cases are like cars you get what you like (size, shape, fancy toys) pick what you like (I always advice with nice 120mm front and back fans so its quiet.

    Get good 500W power supply any 80 Plus certified will work fine (at-least 50+$), Just check if your video card requires 1or 2 6 pin power connector and buy with that option.

    Personally i use Antec got 430w and 500w so far over 2 years good. like this

    BTW your build will consume 300watts on full load.
  2. Thanx duxducis for your recommendations, but i still dont know what case I should go with. i dont want to spend too much just on the case either.
  3. you can start here

    check the special sales, and items with free shipping to get best bang for buck
  4. Thanx duxducis. I have chosen rosewill challenger for my case and as for the PSU, I cant put my finger on it. Can you suggest me few prominent brands?
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