Going for a Bang for Bucks build

I would much appreciate help with my new build, as i am unsure with certain pieces... if your expertise is on specifics part and not over the whole thread, still feel free to comment any information you can provide, thanks :)

I am going to put a few hundreds of dollars((CAD)I am from Canada.) per month to get a beast of a bang for bucks computer. (I am not interested in getting a OMGLOLNUKEMORELIKEEPEEN computer. Nor am i interested in a subpar budjet computer.)

I want something functional during october, right now i can put 300$+~ ish to grab any must-get deals that come by(I also have a 20$ code on newegg because i bought some stuff last month), in the first days of octobers(in like... 2 weeks) i'll have an other 300$ to put in, then i'll continue putting 300$ish per month for 2-3 months to get things like SSD(s), extra ram, second, bigger desk.. maybe third monitor etc.

Thus, something functional A.S.A.P., keeping in mind i am planning to get 2 monitors for sure, maybe 3 on the long term... maybe.
Oh... and i don't like AMD.

Step 1 (Budjet; 600-650$~+ish now to 2-3 weeks):

Case: Something to put my new rig in!
I am looking for something cheap but that has everything it need. So maybe the Tom's reccomended buy, the challenger?

Mobo: Something to build the system on.
First question right here: BIOSTAR TZ68A+ vs BIOSTAR TZ68A+RCH, Whats the difference between the 20$ difference?

Then people say Biostar is cheaply made, but then it come up top in Tom's review. I am opened to any MOBO suggestion, this is one of the piece i can't figure out myself. I just assume here i don't want a p67, then again...

An other question: VIRTU GPU software? Okay so the license is 20$, come with some(maybe all Z68?) allow me to use my directe gpu AND my integrated gpu... For the hardcore (read: no life) gamer and multi tasker that i am, what does that mean for me? Apparently it would also allow to use multiple discrete gpus without sli/xfire?

PSU: The source of juice!
I would want something under 100$ here, but i don't want something cheap(-ly made) nor lacking juice. I want something power efficient...
I'm not big on multiple Video Cards, so maybe i could get something with less juice, but i am unsure. I have a 560ti 2gb (and maybe +3000 intel thingy integrated), maybe i won't be needing anything more for this rig.

CPU: The math brain.
i5-2500k, 220$ free shipping, on newegg. Open to comments but i think its a good choice here, unless you have a suggestion to get it cheaper, or know a good deal, i'd leave it at that.

CPU "addons":
Thermal Paste: Arctic silverlight? I had some but i can't find it anymore, so i guess i'll have to order some more, quick suggestion here?

Aftermarket cooler: I have a Evercool Tranformer 4. Website seem shifty on if it support 1155... but on the box it says yes, reviews say yes and was benchmarked with 1155 i7's so i guess i'm safe here... I'm going for a full size Case & Mobo so even if its huge i guess it'll fit.

GPU: Prettiness.
I own a MSI TWINFRZER 560ti 2gb. Interesting story here... i bought/ordered a 560ti 1gb but i got 2gb vram. Luck?

RAM: What were we talking about?
Okay, ultimately(in the end) i want 16gb(or be able to get that much without having bought to-be obsolete 1-2gb slide(s)), so i want to start with either a 4gb or 2x4gb(Since i tend to stray and multitask a whole lot). I wanted 1600mhz with low cas but i heard something about 1866 if i plan on OC'ing my 2500k to 4.5ghz~(in due time)?
Something like [cpp][/cpp] perhaps.

Step 2: (Budjet: anything left over from step 1, if any, + up to 700$ ish over the end of 2011)

(At first, i'll use place holders older HDD for my new rig)

My first purchase after the bare-minimum is a efficient good performance durability HDD. 500gb-1tb to put games and application (250gb is truly not enough fyi o.O) Black Caviar? Something better?

Then i need a SSD... 40-80gb...120gb? Something to put the OS and the most used game files and app files on... aka OS then let z68 do his SSD caching thing? So something cheap or something more sizeable?

Then a maybe green caviar 1-2tb+ for actual storage?

For more RAM... i'll just buy more of the same. Right?

Dual screen time! I currently have a 22" so Minimum 22"... but i fancy something bigger here... is 1-2ms response time worth it over 5ms? Do feature to plug two computers on one screen and be able to swap inbetween is available/affordable?

Did i forget anything?

Or maybe i'd be better posting about "Step 2" when i get there.
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    OK now really, let's cut down on the wordage eh? We help out a LOT of people and we are happy to do so, but wading through your post for the important bits is time consuming.

    Case: Rosewill CHALLENGER
    PSU: Corsair TX750 V2 - You do not need this much PSU unless you plan to SLI. I suggest you think about the Antec HCG 620 because it's a nice range for expandability but still near enough your actual needs, which will be more like the 300-400W range.

    CPU: i5 2500K
    MB: Biostar :p How about a nice ASROCK board?

    RAM: G.skill 2x4GB 1866 CL9 1.5V You don't need 1866 but it's a nice price, so OK.

    Thermal paste: Arctic Silver was good in it's day. Best to get ceramic-based now, and only if you are getting a cooler also.
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