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I've checked the charts on here and such and pieced together a gaming/multipurpose build I intend to have remain relevant for the next five years. I'm a pretty clever dude, but curious to see what the community here thinks.

The specs are as follows:
Intel i5 2500k CPU
ASUS Sabertooth P67 (rev 3, obviously)MOBO
Kingston 64GB SSDNow V100 (This is in the build because I just got it as a gift. Otherwise, I'd be going OCZ)
8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600
XFX Radeon HD 6950 2GB
CoolerMaster HAF 912 Case
Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750W PSU
Probably a Caviar Black something or other for storage.

My thought is to buy another 6950 in about a year or so and Crossfire them. And at the same time, probably grab another 8GB of ram. I picked the i5 because I don't imagine I'd ever see the difference between it and the i7 2600k, and the 6950 over the 6970 for the same reason. The cost of the build, total, is just under a thousand dollars, and I expect it to perform like a champ for years.

What do you guys think? If you see something stupid, let me know! I'm really looking for feedback here. Thanks.
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    There is nothing wrong with yor build , you have made good choices and they are quality components . Since you are wanting this build to last 5 years that means that you can in no way predict what you may want say even 2 years from now. I would up the power supply if your budget allows for that reason . If you add something later on you don't want to have to up your power supply as well and it is the one component that it really dosn't hurt to have more now even though the 750 is sufficent. The Sabertooth only has two full length x16 slots , you only may be thinking one more graphics card but then that would leave you with no free x16 slots and that is a consideration. The ram is another consideration right now the prices are way down what you would have paid $699 for last year now you pay $299 if you are thinking of getting another 8 gb then you have to know that the prices may go back up . Like I said your build is a good one but the thing you have to consider is the next 5 years if that is your goal.
  2. Thanks, dude. I had originally picked a different ASUS P67 board, one with three PCI-e 16x slots, but I really don't see myself doing triple Crossfire, and the Sabertooth board comes highly recommended. At that point, I think I'd simply invest in a different graphics card. And the power draw from two 6950s shouldn't strain even Corsair's 650W PSU of the same line. The 750 was an upgrade simply for the sake of it, but maybe I'll set my sights a little higher.

    I've noticed how cheap DDR3 has gotten, and I'm aware it can definitely spike in price again. I simply don't see the need for 16GB right now, do you? The build as it is ought to be enough to max out BF3 and Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 at 1920x1080 and a good 60fps, don't you think? That's basically what I'm asking, is how well you think this will truly perform. I really appreciate the feedback.
  3. I have 24 gb of ram simply because it was so cheap, I know I will never use it all but you never know so I said why not. On the x16 slots I wasn't thinking just graphics cards you never know what these companys will come out with and if it requires a x16 slot..... Just as an example OCZ just anounced a hybrid Revo drive that is a SSD with a 1 gb hdd attached to the pcb and it plugs into a pci-e slot. You just never know. I'm not trying to sell you on anything just trying to say that you don't want to box yourself in. I do think you will max out those games with your build.
  4. That's a good point, I heard about those drives. The Sabertooth board is twenty bucks more than the other one I was looking at, the one with three PCI-e slots, so I'll definitely go reevaluate my choices. I think you've helped me make up my mind a little better. Probably go with 16GB, too. I mean, why not? Who knows if I'll even be able to get my hands on that same line of Vengeance ram in a year?

    My only other concern now is the GPU. I know the 7000 series specs just got leaked, but it'll be a while before we have any practical benchmarks. So now I'm stuck with... do I wait? I'd rather have this machine as fall approaches so I can play all the cool stuff coming out, but I also want this to be the bee's knees.

    Thank you again for your contribution here, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  5. Your build looks great. I'm not a big fan of the Sabertooth. Apart from looking pretty, I think you can either do better for less, or get more for your $ and with certain questions hanging over that thermal plating anyhow... With those next gen cards in mind, have a look at this Mobo:

    It supports PCIE 3.0 (for those next gen high end GPUs) as well as Ivy bridge.

    For your HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB comes highly recommended:

    Are you going to be overclocking that 2500K? A nice aftermarket cooler helps and isn't a big cost:

    I wouldn't go too crazy with memory. Keeping in mind even very high end games only utilise somewhere between 3-4GB. But hey for the money and 8GB kit is a great buy ATM. If the time arrives that you need more... buy it then.
  6. ^ either that board or Gigabyte z68-ud3H-b3
  7. I've never heard of ASRock, so I largely ignored their components. And no, I have no intention of overclocking any part of this machine. This was my first pick for mobo:

    A friend of mine pointed out that Sabertooth, said he's done a ton of builds with it, and noted that it comes with a five-year warranty. Still having trouble picking the mobo, I guess.

    And that Spinpoint drive, is that honestly gonna read (realistically) any slower than a Caviar Black Sata6 with 64mb cache? I mean, it's still just a spinning disc, I can't imagine it would matter too much.
  8. if u don;t plan on oc no reason to get K version of chipset
    also u can get H67 mobo ... but Z68 will be a bit more futureproof
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