I REALLY NEED HELP . Reboot and select proper boot device or insert bo

I really need help, i just finished my gaming pc today and it loooks awesome

the problem i get this message/error Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected press any key
every time i try to install the OS windows7 64 bits
i have an ssd, hhd, and cd burner
the boot priorities are CD Burner---> SSD
and then the HHd but the computer doesnt recognize the CD or something? (ps. the cd is not genuine its a torrent but my friend used it and it works windows 7)
i can go to the UEFI BIOS and yeah but i cant install the OS
the CD is connected in a 3.0 gbs sata port but im using a sata3 cable
the SSD is connected in a 6.0 gbs sata port and im using a sata3 cable
the HHD is connected to a 6.0 gbs sata port and im using a sata3 cable

whats the problem and how can i solve this!!
my specs are
asrock z77 pro4
crucial ballistic sport 8gb
corsair 500w
msi 7770 HD
intel core i5 3570k
Hdd is seagate barracuda 1tb
ssd OCZ agility 60gb
asus DVD burner

Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected ------
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  1. When you go into the bios do you see the drives listed under the advanced tab and the sata configuration? Also is the sata mode set to AHCI?
    On the motherboard is the dvd drive connected to sata port i of the sata2 ports?
    Is the SSD connected to the port number 1 in the sata3 ports?
  2. yeah all three things were listed under the advanced tab and sata configuration(dvd drive, ssd, hhd)
    they werer set to AHCI but i dont think the dvd was connected to sataport 1 i think it was on 3 of the sata2 ports.
    the ssd was connected to the port number 3A-1 and hdd 3B-2 something like that XD
    But i recently checked the Bios and i noticed that the Dvd Drive disappeared like the pc doesnt recognize it, it only recongnizes the SSD and HHD . is this error happening because the DVD Driver is not working properly??
    but if i press the bottom the thing stills open but the bios doesnt see it? why
  3. just quick scanned this so forgive if i missed something. Pull the HD if you are installing opsy on SSD. Install HD when all is said and done. there is a difference between 3 and 6 cables by the way. idiotic huh ? try plugging the dvd in another sata slot on the board. boot sequence should be dvd/ssd/none. AHCI selected beforehand.
  4. So you got that error message with the dvd drive connected and listed as the first boot device? If the bios doesn't see the dvd drive then it won't be in the boot order, only devices that are recognized will be in the boot order.
    Make sure the dvd drive is in the sata port #1.
  5. i did everything u guys said but i still get that stupid error!
    my motherboard doesnt have sata 2 port#1
    it only has sata2 2_4, sata2 2_3, sata2 2_2, sata2 2_5
    and for sata3= 3_A1, 3_A2, 3_0, 3_1
    SEE i dont have sata port#1 so in which one should i connected
    i checked again and now the bios sees my hhd,ssd and dvd but i had to move my sata cables to different ports and i still get the error
    Could it be because i have a Pirate Windows 7?? and it cannot read it? or is not working properly?
  6. OH Pirate Windows 7 ........... now you tell us.
  7. thanks for wasting our time dipshnit.
  8. I'm seeing a very similar problem with a retail copy of windows. I'm not using an SSD though. I posted a thread here:
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