SSD Crash??? Comp fails to boot

So my computer has been working fine, no problems. Then out of nowhere, I go to turn it on this morning and it won't boot. Gives me some sort of error about, due to recent changes to the software or something it can't start. So I try to do the Window's repair, but it won't detect the operating system, and it can't complete any of the repairs or anything. Does this sound like the SSD crashed??? I have 3 hard drives. An Intel 520 SSD, a Samsung F3, and Hitachi. I of course had the OS on the SSD. In the BIOS it looks like it still detects all of the hard drives, including the SSD. So what could be going on?? I feel really stupid, but of course I don't have an disc image to restore to. So thats not an option. PLEASE help, I have incredibly important files on there.
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  1. If you have access to another computer, you can download and burn a copy of UBCD to check your hard drive for errors.
  2. Okay I tried my own method first to see if it would work, but I'm having a problem...

    I bought another HD thinking if I had a fresh HD I could just install Windows on that, then be able to access the SSD and pull the files off of it. Unfortunately, it won't let me install Windows on the new drive. When I go to install, the new HD shows up as "Disk 0 Unallocated Space" and when I click next it says "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information."

    The current drives that show up are...

    Disk 2 Partition 1 - Primary
    Disk 3 Partition 1: System reserved - System
    Disk 3 Partition 2 - Primary

    I'm sorry but I'm not that computer savvy. This was my first time building my own computer and so when I run into problems like this I'm kind of stuck running to the forums for help. I looked up UBCD but I'm not even sure how to do all that yet. I was hoping reinstalling Windows would have worked because I know NOTHING about Linux or anything. Any ideas?
  3. Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) is not that difficult to use. If you can download and burn a copy, you just insert the CD in your CD or DVD Drive with the computer turned off. Then turn on the computre and provided your CD ROM Drive is the 1st boot devise, the UBCD program will run. You then just navigate to the hard drive diagnostic section and run it.
  4. I tried something before I read your last post, but I made some progress, I think...

    I've got Windows installed on the new hard drive and its running fine. All of the HD's and even the SSD are detected. The problem is, it says the SSD needs to be formatted and won't let me read anything on it. It detects it just fine though, so now what? If I format it, I'll lose all the data on it right? I just need to find a way to get everything off of it.
  5. Correct; formatting will wipe the SSD drive.
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