Kingston ddr3 1.5v running at 1.7v

so i brought a new motherbaord and ram and this is now my conf

cpu q6600
ram kingston 2x2gb (new)
mb g41m-s3 (new)
psu corsair 550w
gpu gtx 460 768mb
os w7 home basic 64 bit

when i play i get a lot of memory crashes, i run memtest for 7 hour but i found no error, then i run occt linpack and found a error after 8 min

so i get from a friend these other rams "DDR3 1600Mhz PC12800 8GB Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 1.5V CL9 (2x4GB))" and after 1 hour of occt linpack it found no error, also in game i never crashed

going back to my faulty kingston i noticed in the bios it say "vram 1.7" when these kingston should run at 1.5v (or at least i think, on the stick it say "1.5v" could be that the source of the instability? its dangerous to change it to 1.5v? i dont want to burn anything :(
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  1. use cpu-z and read the info that the mb is running at ie speed and timing and ram module info. some older ram runs at 1.6v and 1.65 volts at is xmp profile spped. under cpu-z you see the xmp profile info under the spd tab. (some ddr-3 ram is also made for amd system). with the ram model look under the mb info guild online and see if it been tested to run in the mb. same goes for kingston web page. also look on kingston web page for the ram spec. 1.6 or 1.5v. most new intel ram for the z77 is rated at 1.5v or less. if you did get the wrong ram and it under 30 days call new egg and do an rma. if it older then 30 days see if kingston will send you one of the ram rated for the z77 chipset.
  2. thanks for the reply sadly i dint understand much :( but i did a screen of my cpu-z

    also i tryed to search for the kingston on theyr site but i found 3 2x2gb kit ddr3 and i have no idea wich one i got!

    i brought the ram a year ago since they was in offer but i never used them until yesterday

    thanks again
  3. try turning on dram speed the xmp profile..per cpu-z your ram not running near any of it rated timing.
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