[HELP]Windows 8 may Destroy my career on YouTube

Hello, I have found tom'shardware to be a great source to ask help of and recently my PC may be interfering with my machinima partnered channel. After installing windows 8 onto my PC my PC started to slow down a lot and with my MSI HD Radeon 7770 (even Half Life 2). I have all my drivers updated and if I experience any more lag spikes every minuet on a game, I wont be able to record!
PS: I am experiencing FPS drops on all games from 60FPS to 30FPS and lower.

CPU: AMD FX-4100
GPU: MSI HD Radeon 7770 1GB
RAM: 8 Gigs
Windows 8 64 bit
Motherboard: ASRocks N68-Vs3 FX
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  1. "Windows 8 may Destroy my career on YouTube". I wouldn't say Windows 8 is the problem.

    I could assume that if you have a Machinima partnered channel, you specialise in presenting game related information, but if that were true you wouldn't be running Windows 8 to play games. Most games are yet to be optimised for Windows 8 - in fact, most don't yet officially support Windows 8.

    If you think your channel is serious enough to be considered a career, then I would definitely recommend switching to Windows 7* . If you enjoy Windows 8, why not dual boot and keep it? I find that works quite well.

    *Although XP is very stable, it is getting a bit old and some newer hardware/software is not compatible. Vista is very slow. 7 is, in my opinion, the current sweet spot.

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