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Hello, my computer randomly freezes when booting in normal mode. The keyboard and mouse are unresponsive, and the hard drive read light is off. you know, the usual stuff. It can happen anywhere between the windows logo animation on startup, and This has been going on for about a month (I've been too lazy/ I've been preparing for final exams). Anyway, it will work fine in safe mode, just not in normal mode. I recently installed Uniblue driver scanner, speed my pc, and registry booster so everything is up to date, along with spyware search and destroy about 5 days ago, but the problem still persists. I've heard this could be a RAM failure, but MEMCHECK says everything is fine. I ran a scan with AVG, search and destroy, AND Norton antivirus, but nothing came up. I've ruled out heating as an issue, and all my drivers are up to date. As I've said, safe mode still works, but I need to watch a movie for my film analysis final exam, and i need sound. This is my only computer so I really need this thing to start working asap. :??:

The secs on my computer are:

Toshiba satellite A505 (refurbished)
intel core i7 1.80Ghz 8 cores
OS is windows 7 home edition (64 bit - service pack 1)
4GB of RAM
nVidia GeForce dedicated Graphics card with 1 GB of Video RAM
500GB HD (5400 RPM)
DVD+/-RW optical drive

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  1. Have you tried doing a system restore to a time that you know it did not freeze?
  2. Yeah try a restore first, that sounds like a driver issue, also you should be careful installing apps like speed my pc, registry booster and software like that you shouldnt be touching the registry at all.For me if you can boot ok in safe mode then it is a driver failure.
  3. yep, sure sounds like a driver issue being you can boot to safe mode. Try the system restore suggestion from above. If after that you are able to boot normally, use cpuz or Speccy to discover what hardware you are running. Make a list or print the screenshots, however, and then go to the manufactures' websites to check for driver updates if you feel you may be out of date. Windows 7 Manager does a safe job with the registry defrag etc. The registry should only need to be defraged if you are installing and uninstalling lots of software or hardware and drivers.

    If you for some reason do not have a suitable system restore point, you can still use my other suggestions to try to get the computer back to health.
  4. I tried system restore. Didn't work :(
    All my drivers are up to date. Ive also tried rolling back the drivers, re-seating the ram and hard drive, AND running defeats, clearing my tmps. Idk what to do next. Avg and norton say that it's not a virus, so idk, maybe it's not on the virus database if it is. Thanks for trying to help guys. I just ended up going to a friends house to use their computer. Happy new year:D
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