Comp won't boot after installing V8 heatsink

I don't know what to say or how to start discussing this issue. I have tried so many things but still couldn't make it work, wish that I didn't bought the V8 and stayed with my hyper 212+ :cry: . My CPU is a core i7 930 and motherboard is Intel dx58so. I already reseated and reinstall the cpu on the socket several times. But it still dead, I feel like I want to break this motherboard apart. Only two things come into my mind, either the CPU itself is broken or the motherboard components that has something to do with the CPU is broken. The video card and other lights on the motherboard are working and there is no beeping sound.

I know that you can't offer me any help because it's hard to diagnose the problem without being infront of the computer itself, I just want to share this experience.
I do not have any friend that has this kind of similar build/setup so I am not able to swap components to see what is really broken, my warranty is expired and void due to slight overclocking.

I am still going to try to make this f***ing computer work. All I want to do right now is play Battlefield 3. (I shouldn't have thought of replacing my Hyper 212+)
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  1. Do you have the correct cables plugged in?
  2. Yes I have them plugged in correctly.
  3. The CPU Led (red) on the motherboard blinks once when the computer turns on and off.
  4. Did you install the CPU in correct Socket or something else sure installing new head-sink wont make issues .
  5. did you have to install a new backplate for the v8,
    i had a friend had trouble with his comp because there was somthing making contact on the back of his cpu socket,
    somthing to do with the case,
    try remounting back plate and leaving the side off your case,
    complete quess and unlikely
  6. Can a tighter screw on the heatsink backplate cause the computer not to boot?
    (maybe the processor is being crashed)
    Cause I managed to make it work but decided to reseat the heatsink again and it did not work again.
  7. v8 is a heavy cooler maybe its weight bowing mother board, have you tried srating your computer with it lying on its side to take the weight off it,

    i agree with davcon though if you still have the hyper 212+ put it back on,
    never seen one do quite as well as in the benchmark link he posted,
    ive got 212 evo in p/p and it keeps my 4100mhz phenom 965 around 45 under load
  8. what power supply do you have, v8 fans will draw bit more power from your motherboard, your system wont boot till it gets power stable signal from your psu,
    know its unlikely
  9. If I only knew that I needed to remove my motherboard everytime to reseat the V8 Cooler, I wouldn't have bought it and just bought V6 which is just about the same price and performs better and does not require you to remove the motherboard just to reseat the heatsink just like the Hyper 212+. The reason I bought the V8 was because the V8 was on display on the store and no V6.
  10. have you tried srating your computer with it lying on its side to take the weight off it.
  11. Thats a weird problem.
    One time i cut out part of my side panel window. To install a 120mm case fan. Looked great. But for some reason. That fan made my system not boot. I moved it 2-inches away and boom it worked.
    Now with that experience. Maybe this fan on your v8 is doing the same?

    Also a very slim chance. Maybe your overloading a rail on your PSU. Maybe try connecting the new fan/heatsink to a different rail.

    Then if you have the 212 sitting around. You should have already put it back in, to see if it works like it should.

    Then anytime you wanna just waste money, because you need to buy something. Feel free to send it to me :]
  12. It's now working again. Atleast I know that neither the CPU nor the motherboard is broken :??: But I have to reseat the cooler again because I ran Prime 95 and my temp went to 78C. I have removed and reinstalled the motherboard more than ten times and I'm getting tired of doing this over and over again. I am beginning to think that my computer doesn't like the V8 cooler, I think it's allergic to it :lol:
  13. Anyone has any experience on V8 cooler, how tight should the nuts be? Should I tighten them until they can't go any further or just lightly tight.
  14. until they dont go any further, if youve tightened them right they we all stop at the same time,

    what was the problem ? do you know
  15. I think that my computer is stable again, I have reseated the heatsink 3 times and had not experienced any problems in booting and running Prime95. I reseated the heatsink 3 times now because I was disappointed about the idle and load temps. On all the 3 attempts on reseating the heatsink, my CPU temp is in the range of 47°-50°C (idle) and 73°-78°C (load). Those temps were a lot much higher than the Hyper 212+ which is about 49°C on idle and 66°C on load. I don't understand this because many reviews show that the V8 is better than the Hyper 212 plus so I was expecting to see lower temps. I do not know if my application of thermal paste is the problem, I tried the line, dot, and spread method but all gave me the same temperature (with +/-5 variance). My best achieved load temp now is 73°C on load, this is my third reseat and used the "OCZ freeze" thermal paste instead of the included CM thermal paste.

    I will try again for the last time (I ran out of thermal paste). If this does not do it, I will put my Hyper 212 plus back and see what the results are.
  16. i apply paste in four thin lines push the heatsink down then check to see if its completely covered,
    if not i add tiny bits to any gaps,
    i always think you should get a little bit of paste ozze out sides when youve screwed your haetsink down tight if youve got it right,
    i just wipe it off with sterile pre injection pads,

    all the reviews ive seen also have v8 ahead of the 212 on performance,

    remember your paste needs time to cure so your temps should drop a bit overtime,

    good luck with it,
    i think you deserve a bit for your persistance in trying to get it right,
  17. I have settled to what temps I get right now. I have an additional question, is it normal to have an 8 degree temperature difference on the 4th core? My idle temps are as follows core 1: 48C - core2: 46C - core3: 47C - core4: 40to41. When at full load the 4th has 6-7 degree difference among the other 3 cores.

    I wished all my 3 other cores were the same temp as my 4th core.
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