Help with overclocking 6950 twin frozr 3

I just currently bought a twin frozr 3 2gb 6950, right now I am only able to be stable at 870 mhz. I think the stock is 850...
the memory clock i left alone at 1,300. I need some help overclocking this thing, the fan is set to automatic. my msn is please e-mail me if you know how to (we can teamviwer) and if you can please leave me some tips on how to overclock it more. :)
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  1. any help :)
  2. Use a program like MSI After burner, it doesn't limit your card.

    Here's a a link to where you can download it from:

    Hope it helped :)
  3. Yeah I did use it.. only seem to get to 870/1311 stable.. arent these cards good at overclocking?
  4. Btw blue90 don't bump posts
  5. I have my 6950 at 910/1305 using TRIXX. I havent tried to reaxh the limits yet.
  6. do you have the same twin frozr as me?
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