Computer not working on UPS

Computer works only on direct power line but keep silent, when connected to UPS, what may be problem, please guide...
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  1. Check your UPS i think i is not giving proper power supply to computer.
  2. Try turn on your UPS alone until it's run out of power.

    Then connect it to your PC and see if this help.
  3. UPS are only capabable of a fixed amount of power. If your load is greater than the amount it was designed for then it wont function properly. Real cheap UPS would blow a fuse and better one would have an overload protection circuit kick in.

    What UPS do you have and how many watts is your PC using?
  4. ups are designed to hold a certain amount of power as a reservoir incase of power outages... there not ment to be stand alone powersupplys to be used like laptop batteries when you dont have a socket handy.. the ups connects to the wall and you plug in your pc to it... turn both on and the ups will charge and smooth out the current. thats all its ment to do. then when you have a power outage it will give you about 5 mins of power which is enough to close the pc safely...
    if yours inst working it either doesnt meet your system requirements or its not charging because your system is draining it constantly due to bad current flow to your home.
  5. Your UPS should be capable of outputting MORE than what your computer's power supply is rated for.
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