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So I finished building my computer a week ago, and everything has been working splendidly until this morning, in which upon booting Guild Wars 2 for the first time, it stated there was a hardware malfunction and had to terminate. It gave three likely reasons for the hardware malfunction. Either it was an unstable OC, a overheated CPU, or some problem with the memory.

Seeing as my computer is basically like an AC unit and I haven't begun OC yet, that left a RAM issue. So i cracked open the case, took out the Ram and placed it back in well, and closed everything up. When I turned on the computer again, a message popped up saying windows couldn't start up, and that it would begin searching for problems.

Halfway through this process, the computer asks me if I would like to restore the computer to an earlier time. I agreed, and when the computer finished searching for problems, it shut down. When I started up again, my computer seemed perfectly normal. Everything came up as normal. Until I realized none of my USB devices were working anymore. THey were still receiving power, as the LED light in my mouse and keyboard were lit, but other than that, nada. Other than that the USB ports worked during start up, such as when choosing which way to start up windows or when surfing the motherboard options.

So upon reading some online forum questions and such, I managed to get to the BIOS setting with F2 during start up. So I search around and find a folder called USB settings. In there, I find an option for USB 2 Controller. I decide, as thats the only option I have thus encountered, to disable it and see what happens.

Well as I know now, it makes it so the USB ports NEVER work.

Anyone have any advice. This is extremely frustrating, and I'm losing patience quickly.

And I realize I may have posted this to the wrong forum, but I couldn't find a better suited one.
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  1. do you have a ps2 port with a ps2 mouse to use.....

    how about the usb3 port???

    if not your going to hafto clear your cmos....

    look in your instruction booklet for details on that one....not hard tho....usually just a jumper or a button...

    good luck
  2. I guess we should start with your build specs...
  3. I used the CMOS button on the back to restart. After that I reinstalled Windows and everything seems in working order.

    Just now after reinstalling the motherboard disk data my start menu has disappeared. Also is there an easy way to restore all the data from my old windows?
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