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I have a new rig, it is my first build. (specs below). It was working fine for about a week, I got windows and a few programs on it, then now every time I turn it on, 3-5 minutes later it shuts down. It is not a windows controlled shutdown, I do not get an error message from windows or the BIOS, all i get is the power cut. When I restart it (not on its own) I just get windows saying that it was not shut down properly. It is NOT a heat issue, at the moment of shutdown every time HWMonitor is reporting under 35C for the CPU and GPU. No overclocks, core unlocks or voltage changes. Any ideas on what might be causing it and whether it can be fixed or is an RMA needed?? I only have like 5 more days for an RMA, so I am hoping it can be fixed otherwise. Thanks.

CM HAF 912 with 2 stock fans and 4 Rosewill 75CFM fans, 3 in 3 out
MSI 870a-G54 AM3 Mobo
Phenom II X3 2.8GHZ
TT Frio push/pull
Kingwin 850W PSU
XFX Radeon 6950 2gb (dual fan model)
Seagate Green 1TB
Rosewill PCI Wireless
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  1. If your CPU Heatsink is properly mounted, the only other part to worry about is the PSU. Unfortunatly, Kingwin doesn't make quality PSUs. What you can try is, pull out the Graphics Card and run the PC with inbuilt graphics and check if it gets shut down. If it doesn't that means the PSU cant take the high load created by your powerful GPU, so the machine gets shut down after sometimes.
  2. I do not have integrated graphics on my board, and at stock clocks at idle I am only pulling about 5-600 watts on an 850 watt psu... It might be faulty though..Any suggestions for psu's at 850 or so watts (newegg).

    Thanks for the quick reply
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    I agree it does sound most likely a psu problem, when the pc is on feel the back of the psu and feel how hot the psu is getting, also try swapping the graphics card for something low power usage and see if it still happens, if it dont then u found the problem. also when it comes to psu's always try to go for a branded model as the less known ones usually cant perform what they say they can under load,

    also id go for a 900W + psu just to keep effiencey high and not to strain the psu underload and also great if u want to run crossfire later, its always good to have a few hundred W buffer for futureproofing, but thats just me
  4. 900W is overkill!

    That PSU is probably an over-rated 500W Unit. Even a Corsair CX430 will beat that handily. :P

    If you really want 850W, go for XFX 850W Pro. Available for $89.99 on newegg. Grab it quickly!
  5. Thanks, I was actually just looking at that xfx psu this the easy rail on the xfx an advantage or just marketing?? ie does it matter? I do not have any other video cards on hand to swap in, only an old agp board (with no agp mobo slot), by the way
  6. That PSU is identical to Corsair HX850. Both are made by Seasonic. I don't know about easy rails, what are they saying does it do?
  7. they say that it makes it so that there is no wasted voltage on separate rails that cannot be combined and used...look at the graphic at the bottom of this page:
    also, good to know about the seasonic thing, and how does this psu look:

    also, that CM psu is labeled as single rail, just noticed that!
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