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My motherboard is a Asus Sabertooth 990FX.And my proc is Athlon ii x4 645.I pllay Battlefield 3 alot and sometimes get a warning saying 100% of atleast one CPU is being use.Im new to OCing so can someone walk me through how to OC my Processor just enough to not get that notice?
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  1. do you have sufficient cooling. the stock cooler wont cut it past a 5 percent oc. which will be pretty much what your motherboard will do as its asus.

    if you have the cooling then its a simple case of going into bios and bumping the ht/cpu bus multi from 200-207 or there abouts..(without a volt increase. this will be x'ed by the NB multi to give you your end clock. so you get 207x15 gives 3.1ghz roughly.

    but really you need an oc guide...,2161.html this will give a better idea of whats going on and what your wanting to do.
  2. Does windows give out that warning or it's the game itself? I never had a program shout a warning just for the CPU usage being high.
  3. neither. the only time your system will tell you that your pc is at max is when your pointer slows down or the applications stop responding for a short time.
    you may get a warning that they system is slowing down with a " windows has detected your system has slowed down", do you want to switch to basic theme, or do you want to stay as you are and not show this message again.
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