How do you monitor the Forum?

New Topics is no longer available on the main page of the Forum. Before by simply clicking on 'New Topics' button from the home page, all new posts regarding every category of the ENTIRE forum were displayed instantly with one click. That is no longer possible. Someone making decisions is mindless for eliminating the display all New Topics feature of this forum.

I exclusively used the New Topics one click solution to display every new post from every section of the forum with one click for the past three years. This was my way of monitoring the Forum. So, please tell me how you constructively monitor, read and reply on the forum. What is your method of viewing and using the forum? Any help or suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Yeah i'm clicking like crazy to see if there are new posts to topics i replied too.. this could be made alot simpler. :P
  2. The button seems to be there for "sub-sections", but not for the entire site. Moreover, when I click on it, I get the following message:
    No old message in this section.
    You need to use at least one time "Mark all as old" to be able to use the command "New topics since last marking as old"
    The thing is I have yet to find the "Mas all as old" button they are talking about.

    And I know I'm repeating myself, badge can probably attest :P, but wouldn't it be simpler for them just to setup some kind of RSS feed for new forum topics? I mean it would give us the ability to easily see and filter new posts and probably reduce the strain on their visibly taxed web servers.
  3. I have no suggestions to give regarding how to make the current version of the BOM Tom's (pronounced Bomb Tom's) Forum a more user friendly, or improved experience than before BOM screwed it up took over. Simplified answer(s) to your questions. The Forum 'buttons' are programed by a French guy who thinks radials are tires. Mark as old is hidden over to the top left side of the Forum Home Page designated in blue (refers to BOM TOM'S Forum TOS and calls Zenthar a scout who knows nothing after 10 years and a measly accumilation of points. Points = hugs and kisses. Around BOM TOM'S RSS is a Camaro RS with a larger than normal rear spoiler.

    May I present to you the new and improved BOM TOM'S more useful than fresh mud Forum map link.
  4. I used to use RSS. Generally Im all over, hit hit hit, section to section. Im with badge on this. If I just replied to my old ones, whats the point? People do announce new findings, me for one, on these forums, so new threads are a must. And ganging them together like before would seem the right thing to do
  5. Exactly. I am all over the Forum too with no sense of organization as to how to rationally monitor all the information. Hit, hit, hit...I'll try PSU now. Now I want MB and memory. If it has no replies it must be new or a lame French Poster who put it there. Before, one clicky on 'New Topics' and ALL the New Topics for the ENTIRE Forum were instantly listed. When I left the Forum, just clear 'New Topics'. When I returned, click on 'New Topics' Never missed a new thread. :sarcastic: The French tech apparently told justinblue, "Oh that button...the one that controlled the Forum New topics...? That feature took up a lot of unnecessary Forum rersources. Besides, I'm sleepy and full of snails and cheap, sour wine...screw it, the Forum and you're pffftttttt complaining." :sleep:
  6. Maybe he saw the movie....dont press the red button
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