Upgrade on a low budget

hey guys
I would like to hear your suggestions regarding upgrading my processor and motherboard in a budget of $200 or (10000 inr).
I read so many forums and got extremely confused,what i thought regarding processor was to choose
955 BE or core i3 2100,
then i read about amd llano series (the apu ones),. as I am not planning to upgrading my graphics card at the moment,(only after i gets sufficient budget),I was thinking about going for that,
later i thought about the phenom x6 series and fx series in a range of 6k inr that is around $130,
So damn confused,and help me out with choosing a motherboard to.
I know this is not the first post regarding this, but still the they are bit old post
please help me out O:)

P.S read this article http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/PC-Gaming.htm
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  1. phenom II X4 955 BE got a quad core,. so do that matters ?
    cause I am not planning to upgrade my processor any sooner ,
    and also considering that 4 gb ram just costs in the range of $30,
    And thanx for the fast reply :)
  2. what exactly do you have now ?...... mobo/proc.ram.vid card/opsys., etc.
  3. I am planning to buy a motherboard with pretty good on-board and a processor,
    So that i can upgrade my graphics card later, And I am planning to buy ram which comes outside the given budget,.
  4. well that doesn't answer my question but what I think would do you best is the AMD APU.......... 3850 quad core, an inexpensive FM1 mobo and 4-8gig DDR3 1866 memory. If you can swing that you'll have the best "on board" video money can buy. the old stuff where the on board video was on the board itself can't come close to performance.

    should say these were made to run W7 and will benefit from that.
  5. oh,. my processor is amd athlon 64 2800+ running on windows xp,


    and I was thinking about the combination of Intel DP67DE and core i3 2100 , or MSI H67MA-E35 (B3) or Gigabyte GA-H67M-D2
    Else the phenom 955 BE combination (which is cheaper than the core i3 combinations ),
    cause the apu lacks CPU performance ,.
  6. If gaming is your priority, then you should know that the i3 2100 will be slightly faster than the 955 BE.
    However, I would suggest that you get the 955 BE for overall increase in performance, it can be overclocked pretty easy, and is well within your budget.

    Or if you dont want to spend money later on the graphics card, then get the 3850 APU.
  7. tanx guys,.
    i am planning to do that and get a radeon 5770 :)
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