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Hi Guys,

Could you please help me out to decide which is better motherboard regarding performance, OC and features....
1.Asus M5A97
2.Gigabyte 970A ud3
3.Asrock 970a extreme3

or something else in same price range. Will be getting for AMD Phenom processor.
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  1. assuming its these 3 motherboards

    I would think they are all running the same # of power phases for overclocking, so the difference between the 3 will probably be minimal. this page will outline the more tinier difference between the board(# of specific ports etc)
  2. ASUS- top notch brand for motherboards.(leading)
    Gigabyte- does not last that long, not that good Quality
    Asrock- exellent sub $200 MOBOs

    but the UD series is decent(gigabyte)
  3. what tipped the scale for me for asrock over asus (gigabyte sucks, poor overclocking, poor quality) was that the asrock boards had mounting holes for any kind of heatsink (for other chipsets.) this allowed me to use my cooler off my core2 system on my sandybridge. saved me a few bucks. (i bought a really nice cooler for my core2 system when it really wasnt required.)
  4. Totally disagree about Gigabyte Motherboards found them to have great build quality much less flimsy than Asrock.
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