Buzzing/static noise over speakers as soon as I start a 3D application

Hey everyone,

I've Googled a lot for this, but couldn't find an answer to my problem. I've recently bought a setup with an MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk, and as soon as I start a 3D application, I get this annoying buzzing sound over my onboard soundcard. It's the same kind of sound many of you probably know when you've got your volume at max and your harddisk is reading/writing, only constantly. My guess is that somehow the signal is leaking into my motherboard's onboard soundchip. But I'm no expert at hardware, which is why I'm asking you guys.

The help is so much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Solved!

    I did some research for myself, and noticed it wasn't hearable when plugging in either one of of my headsets. I use active KRK RP5 speakers, which have a dB dial on the back. I've set this to a very high value when I bought them and just kept the Windows volume down. However this was at +3dB, thus amplifying any static that came in from the PC.

    There is still a static noise in my PC, but I've toned down my dB dial to about -10dB which is hard enough when I put Windows on maximum volume. But now it doesn't amplify any sounds that come through the board. So not an actual solution for the problem (leaking signal) but at least I can game without any annoyances :)
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