Quadro 2000 Vs GeForce GTX 580

Hello Everybody..
I am looking for a new graphics card for my system.

I choose Quadro 2000 and GeForce GTX 580.

Basically I am working in 3ds max, vray , maya, realflow, adobe Cs suits...
So which one is good for these software.
if there is any other graphic card which is good also tell....

Please guide me which one is better.
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  1. maya? Quadro.

    GTX 400 and 500 series have crippled OpenGL performance.
  2. Also for OpenGL apps, be sure to check with the people who make the software for a driver - using the newest is not always best. In one of my CAD packages, the newest driver got a max of 1-3 FPS. However, switching to the recommended driver, framerates were maxed at 50 FPS (the maximum the software would allow). Not sure if that applies to any of you programs, but no harm in looking if they are OpenGL. (that FPS example was my Quadro 600, in NX7).
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