P8Z68-V /I5 3570K/ CPU_LED or DRAM_LED lights blink

I have a P8Z68-V /I5 3570K
When I turn the power on I get a steady RED LED next to the CPU. (The CPU LED).
I get NO beeps.
After 4-5 seconds, the system shuts off, then waits about 7 seconds, and repeats.

If I remove the DDRM3 (Apacer DDR3 1600 4G PC2-8500), I get no CPU LED light lighting up, but I get some BEEPS.
I get 1 Long, and 3 Short. From the ASUS Website, they say that is a Memory problem.

If I have the Memory In, and load up Pressing the MemOK! button, I get a Blinking light next to the DRAM_LED and the CPU_LED
lighting up. DRAM_LED blinks differently each time the power comes back on. 1 long, then shut off. 2 short, then shut off. 1 long, then 1 short, then shut off. Then back to 1 Long, then shut off.
No beeps.

I also tried this with Kingston KVR 2G-SP, which is also on the compatibility list for ASUS 68 V.

Please help.
I don't want to have to go out and buy a Gen 2 CPU, just to get boot up. What do I do with the G2 CPU after that?
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  1. According to Asus, the I5 3570K isn't supported until bios version 3203. If you have a prior bios version it's unlikely it will work no matter what you do. You'll have to use a second gen cpu to flash the bios. If you bought the motherboard from a retail store, they might do this for you. If not, you can go to a store and see if they'll do it for a small fee.
  2. forgot one thing: If you contact Asus, they might be able to send you an updated bios chip. I imagine they'll charge you for it.
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