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Is the Rosewill Challenger Big enough for My Build?

Hey Tom's Hardware community!
I am currently putting parts together for my FIRST gaming PC build. I have a Budget of about $1000 and I came up with some kickass parts...But I could only get those parts if I am to get the Rosewill Challenger Case. Now I've seen really good reviews for such a low costing case, but idk if it will temporarily fit my build consisting of:
PSU & Motherboard ^^^
CPU & Video Card ^^^

(The rest of these parts really dont matter for the question I'm asking but just FYI.
RAM ^^^
SSD ^^^
DVD Burner ^^^

And of course!
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    Yes all those parts will fit in the Challenger no problem.
    I'd buy LP ram personally for better and future hsf compatability.
    And the USB 3.0 Challenger isn't a bad idea either.
    The COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus fits in that case btw.
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