M2N no beep no POST no screen

Hi, I have Asus M2N motherboard and suddenly stoped working(I shut down it, and when want to power it nothing!).

There's nothing on the monitor, no mobo beep sound, no POST. I've done BIOS reset with jumper and battery removal and then:

1. Tried installing brand new PS 500W(old was 400W) - nothing!
2. Reassembled RAM modules even removed then at all - nothing!
3. Removed HDD and DVD drives - nothing!
4. Removed graphic card and check it on other PC, it works. With or without graphic card - nothing!
5. Removed CPU - nothing!

I suppose that situation is next: CPU and/or mobo is/are fried?

Any suggestion what is my next step, service or...?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Does the green MB light come on? Do any fans spin? If not, I would suspect the MB. I had 2 of them die on me over the years.
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