A great place to buy to all your hardware goodies,SPECIALLY HIGH END DESIGN PC CASES!. I got already 3 cases for last 6 months,and absolutelly cool!

Check now!,and let me know.
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  1. the products looked good but the site could do with touching up.. :)

    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  2. Yep! you right on that one! Tipical OEM Maufacturer.! but got cool design cases man!
  3. you seem to be the same guy which spammed the VooDoo boards last night with the same message...
    If you're the dealer and are spamming again, for crying out loud give it up, please...
  4. Hmmm... buy one of your cases or an Addtronics? Tough choice. LOL! Maybe it's just the poor quality of the site, but I couldn't even find any full tower cases. What avid overclocker with a high end system wouldn't put their system in a full tower case? I think I'll buy an Addtronics 7896A.
  5. who do you referring when you said" same guys"? Wake up brother!
    Are you in drug ,or something.!
  6. "I think I'll buy an Addtronics 7896A."

    Decision of Ordinary User.That's what I think!
  7. Give it up DRPC. Anyone who's low enough to be a spammer, like you, can't be trusted with anything, certainly not with a financial transaction. You may trap some inexperienced newbie, but that's about it.

    I think those of us with more experience should make a point of commenting on his spammer origins whenever he posts and tries to get someone to his site. I've already seen him do it in this forum, conveniently neglecting to mention that he is affiliated with his site.

  8. You have been busted again.
    Hopefully, your account to post on this forum will be revoked.
    Even if you do have to best cases anywhere, I wouldn't buy them now because your spamming is in really poor taste.
  9. Cool??? I'm not buying a case because it looks cool. Your cases looks like cheap cases with cool covers. Not a Cool case temp wise.. still I can get better cases anywhere else..

  10. I found the new Dell 8100 is a handsome silver and black:

    Ok that's it just thought I'd let you know
  11. This company is top of Resellerrating,and got best price on High End New CPU. Check that out~

    Any others good computer sellers sites,please post here
  12. Sir, Target PC is HOT100 site for Harware review:

    Check this out?? You are just used to Low-End Plain White Stuff,man!

    Read this,and you will chabge your mind!. See it yourself.
  13. This case is made for the average PC user, not for a real comupter enthusiast (ie. people on this forum). It doesn't have a slide out motherboard tray, or removable side panels. Plus it only has two fan mounts. Even the article you posted mentions its poor cooling. And the case lists for $107! The comparable Addtronics case: 3890A only costs $110. For the extra $3 the Addtronics is a far better case. And the larger 6890A is only $134. The ExplorerIII case is decent, but way overpriced. I would expect a far better case for its price.
  14. The cases do very little for cooling and the power supplies don't strike me as the most rock-solid 300W PS's. I think my case of choice has to be the Fong Kai FK320 and FK603. Now THOSE are some cases with cooling and power. That's what you need for highspeed computers.

  15. I strongly disagree with you.
  16. Quote:

    I strongly disagree with you.

    Do you have any information, or did you just want to tell us you disagree?

    If you gave some facts to back up your claims you would be more credible. Likewise on the site. I can't find any information on the cases, so I would never order them. Who knows what brand power supply would actually ship when you order the cases.

    --Are you recommending I use the Penguin case for my new Xeon workstation? I think people might laugh.
  17. is good place to check the High End Gaming System.
  18. This is pretty pathetic. He's replied to himself more than anyone else replies to him. Throws in a different link each time too.

    "The answer is not in your hair."
    "I'd rather jump in the lava than be fragged by you."
  19. My 2 cents worth

    Im sure alot of you have seen these cases.
    Powerstation is very nice
  20. Toronto/Canadian Junkie Co.

    Is anything good cases come out from there?

    Don't waste your time on those "fragile toy cases." I have seen all.

    Major supplier for "B..s".had enough of their
  21. “Is anything good cases come out from there?”
    What the [-peep-] dose that mean.
    English man, Try clear simple sentences.
    “Don't waste your time on those "fragile toy cases." I have seen all.”
    U have seen all?
    All what?
    U some computer case expert.
    I don’t think so.
    Your just some dick head trying to sell your cases and keep this thread alive by posting stupid anti propaganda against your competitors.
    “Major supplier for "B..s".had enough of their Scams.”
    Why didn’t u tell us in detail just how they scammed you?
    And post it in the right category “faulty products”.
    I bet u never bought a thing form them!
    Every thing u post annoys me so please, do everybody a favor.
    Stop lying and stop using this forum for advertisement!
  22. I agree this thread is getting pathetic, the only comment I would make is let’s not be bashing people for their use of the English language. It is clear that numerous posters on Toms use English as their second language and I am able to read their posts without many problems. And if I cant, I keep it to myself. I would do allot worse if I were trying to post to a forum in any language but English. We need to encourage everyone to post to these forums regardless of how well they write English.

    This is not intended to bash you either lowlypawn, it’s simply my opinion.
  23. Sorry.
    Your right about the language thing.
    I’m glad everybody posts in English, and I don’t have to translate.
    As for the rest of what I said, I make no apologies.
    Thx & Cya
  24. Well, english is my second language, so I feel (hope) that I can state my opinion without bringing the wrath of everybody around here on me:)
    When a person with poor english skills (whether because its not their primary language, or because they had inadequate education) does their best to make themself understood, I believe it is nothing but commendable and it is up to the reader to put some effort to understand the intent of the writer.
    However, when somebody who has ability to speak English adequately writes a blurb in which the reader cannot find rhyme or reason, meaning or point, it is an insult (to me) -- it says the writer didn't want to spend the extra 5 seconds to make the post legible. We all make mistakes, in spelling, grammar and semantical, but somebody who can't be bothered to TRY to write properly on a serious topic automatically loses points in the credibility department.

    That's me generalizing, and there are exception of course (jokes for example:)....
  25. English is your SECOND language? Dang. You are pretty fluent. What's your first?

    I agree that we should be considerate of other's grasp of the english language. I know that whenever I have used my german-english dictionary to attempt to follow a conversation on a german board, I have gotten a lot of help and encouragement for my attempts. :)
  26. So DRPC, is English your first language????

    Take your <b>PILL</b>,and get some sleep.
  27. >> What's your first [language]?

    Hm, that one is harder to answer than it looks. I'd say Croatian/Bosnian/SerboCroatian/Yugoslavian/etc -- whatever you like to call it, they are pretty similar:)
  28. I'm not sure if that'd be quite right either, but I think that's the root language, right? Personally, English is my first language and German my second. When I lived in Germany though, the first few months were a living hell as NOBODY spoke English (as is to be expected I guess, after all, it WAS Germany!) and I had to speak German all day everyday. What I found funny was when I called home and had to speak English after about a month of straight German. I found English not only awkward, but it was even tiring to speak! In anycase, I can sympathize with all of those trying to learn English (as it has a reputation of being a hellishly difficult language) and I commend anyone working on second, third, fourth... language. I'm working on Japanese now! :)

  29. COBOL ist minen zwolfen spreche, aber BASIC ist minen einen. Ich spreche English gut, und etwas Deutch!
  30. Jawohl!

    This has been a fascinating read. Four pages of posts.

    I was going to type more. But I'm tired now. It took a long time to read all the way through. I'm glad this thread had a 'happy ending' of sorts. I hope that this conversation continues... but on a separate post. Do we have an official/semi-official spam policy? As readers and users we can do alot of our own policing, as it were. It seems good in my eyes to flame spammers, like a thunderbird without a heatsink. But if we reply to their post, we'll draw undeserved attention to it. So if you guys think its a good idea, lets smoke them in a seperate post, while letting their thread sink to the bottom, and out of sight.

    Does that sound like a good idea? Are we together on this?

    Tom Mc

    Even a fool, when he remains silent, appears wise.
  31. Wow, your doing exactly what you want to end. J/K. The problem with posting somewhere else is that there are people who cannot decifer spam from legit posts, therefor flaming elsewhere may not reach the right people, who do not relize that the orginal poster is trying to advertise there site and not provide sincere information.

    Just my thoughts on this issue, but seeing that I haven't been posting here long, I will go along with whatever is decided.


    Take your Pill, and get some sleep.
  32. If you want to be resepcted your message,please respect to others opinions as well.
  34. Ok, now I'm insulted! DRPC has achieved journeyman status as well. It took me a while of legitimate posting to achieve that and he just hacks up a weak response to all of this flaming and achieves the same. <sniffle> I'm going to go cry now. No no... wirklich, ich habe meine Nase voll!!!! Bitte, Herr DRPC, geh weg!!!


  35. Dear S:

    Where did you get this"THE LAST 500 TIMES YOU SPAMMED THIS BOARD".-by Sean. Show me your facts.

    Let me ask you a question to you?.What do you think of Intel Pentium 4?
  36. Wow, being new to this I see we get alot of spam here from people trying to profit on those who are on the quest of knowledge. I think personally the cases offered from certain individuals trying to profit do not have enough airflow there for deturing me from buying that case anyways. But on to better things like the question asked about the pentium personally perfer AMD over the other brands because of there performance and expense.
  37. Yes. You can get a lot of info from a 18 month old thread.

    :smile: <font color=blue><b>You get what you pay for...all advice here is free.</font color=blue> :smile:
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