Ati 6850 vs gtx 460 for single monitor

which is best for are nearly same price im going to use only single monitor so which is best among two
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  1. gtx 460 is underrated and under priced imo. especially if you are going to bump the clock speeds up. $119.99 for a galaxy gtx 460 1gb 336, never used galaxy but i would go for that if trying to save money.
  2. The 1Gb 460 is overall around the same performance as the 6850 some games prefer 1 or the other but overall there the same. The 768Mb 460 is a bit slower than the 1Gb one.
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  4. tboth cards trade blows in performance. one will perform better in some games, the other better in other games. The 6850 uses less power. Both overclock well. The 460 is a superseeded model and is no longer in manufacturer. So if you were looking at getting a second card for SLI at a later stage, it would be harder to track down.
  5. 6850 uses less power, also the 6850 might perform better with Tessellation than the GTX 460.
  6. You should get whichever is cheaper--UNLESS you've got an AMD build and you're thinking about Crossfire/SLI. You'll need to go with the 6850 if you have one of AMD's chipsets (not an nForce).
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