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Hello,every time i install my graphics driver i get blue lines across the screen
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  1. system specs?
    if possible a screen shot also
  2. mjsharma said:
    system specs?
    if possible a screen shot also

    hi. im new to this so could you tll me how to send you a screen shot on here pls and also i can run my pc without the driver installed (nvidea 7500LE) it uses the basic vga device, I think that6 is what it is and the blue lines are on the boot up screen permenately but if I try to install the driver it gets to xp starting and then crashes my pc, I have to start in safe mode and uninstall the driver again. Thanks for replying
  3. test the card in some other pc just to make sure that the card is running fine
    also is this a new card? if not when did it start showing this problem?
  4. I got hthe pc of my sister it was ok at first but I was watching a film on vlc and it just froze and th lines appeared, I restarted and it was fine at first then after a minute or so it happened again and then I could'nt start the pc at all so I did a new os install and now I cant update my graphics driver. Found new hardware starts every time i start up says it is gonna install nvidea 7500LE driver and then shuts down between install, I am lost for ideas. ps my other pc wont take the graphics card. thanks
  5. what are the rest of the system specs?
    psu and motherboard?
  6. mjsharma said:
    what are the rest of the system specs?
    psu and motherboard?

    Asustek computer inc
    Model- Basswood
    Serial number-MS1C69S06102154
    Northy Bridge- intel P965/G965 Revision C1
    South Bridge - intel 82801HH (1CH8DH) Revision B0
    CPU- intel (R) core(TM)2CPU 6400 @ 2.13 GHz
    cpu socket- Socket 775-LGA
    cpu speed-3800 MHz
  7. what is the make and model number of your psu?
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