Will the AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition work with my motherboard

I can't find information about it and need help...

my motherboard is ( Fatal1ty AN9 32X )
and this is the official site Fatal1ty AN9 32X

and if my motherboard doesn't support this CPU, can you recommend me which CPU to buy, thanks to everyone beforehand :)
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  1. yeh it work.
  2. ohh... thank you god!! :) ...and you too man, super info :pt1cable:
  3. May not work. Your core is a Kuma, which is not listed as a viable core in the link you provided.If you are going to buy it check for any bios updates.
  4. Will this motherboard allow use of AMD phenom 1 if so then yes you can use it? In general AM2 will support AM2+ CPU's via bios update as there is no pin difference. BUT some manufacturers didn't do this (provide bios updates) to simply sell another motherboard.
  5. It does not appear to support it sorry
  6. No it will not support that cpu.
    The Athlon 64 X2 6400+ is the best cpu on that list.
  7. this information is last updated "Aug. 2008" and I think they aren't try to test the board with "AMD Athlon X2 7850"
    but I don't know.... and what about this bios update?? I can update it to ver. 19 / I'm with ver. 15 now... well, thanks to everyone for help...
  8. but if "AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition" doesn't work with my board - the "AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition" is good choice too, right?
  9. thats a damn shame that abit didnt do bios updates. Im never buying a abit again, just for that.
    Asus put out bios updates. Good company.

    What are you upgrading from? From most stand points an athlon 64 x2 is not worth buying.
    Id want a x4 atleast. Then that series your looking at, from what i read. Doesnt have alot of headroom for overclocking. Which is only reason you'd want a black edition to begin with. Phenoms ii have nice headroom.

    I own a athlon 64 x2 5000+. It chokes bad on BF3.

    Do your research. Dont just upgrade because you can. Dont end up wasting your money.
    State your current CPU. Then I bet most would say to get a new motherboard.
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