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Good day,

It's been ages since i've built a new PC, so I apologize in advanced if anything is terribly out of place. I am mainly looking for some feedback on a machine that i'm hoping will have high bang for buck and last for some time. I read some articles, but wow there is a lot to know.

So please, if you see any bottlenecks, overkills, shortcomings, or whatnot, please let me know.

Case: Antec Nine Hundred v3
CPU: Intel core i5 2500 quad core, 3.3 gig (2nd gen)
DVD: OEM rewriter
Cooling: Artic-cooling freezer Xtreme
Hard Drive: Corsair force series 3, 60 gig (Can i slave my old 250g Serial ATA drive just to hold downloads and whatnot?)
Memory: Kingston 6g (KVR1333D3N9K3) X2
Motherboard: Asus P8H67-M PRO/CMS (Rev 3)
Power: Antec high current gamer series (HCG-620) 620W
Graphic: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6970 2GB GDDR5

Thank you kindly!
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    RAM - Make sure your looking at 1.5v RAM or less, dual channel DDR3. G.Skill and Corsair are popular choices - 1600MHz 1.5v CL9.

    Your getting a really high end GPU which is nice, but your not getting an unlocked processor or motherboard capable of over-clocking? Any particular reason? i5-2500k is like $10/£5 more expensive than i5-2500 and z68/p67 motherboards fall into similar price brackets as H67. Seems a shame to limit your build potential by eliminating over-clocking all together.

    Filling out this build template might help to get you some better feedback and build advice:
  2. Thanks so much for the reply.

    I'll definetly look into better ram.

    I'll also definetly consider the better processor/mb. Years ago I overclocked and saw little difference in performance (this was a 486SX mind you, so probably wasn't much performace to be gained anyways). Is overclocking worthwile on newer machines? I won't burn anything out by pushing it? Is extra power/cooling required?

    I apologize for not using the template, this is kind of a huge forum and I just plain missed it.

    Thank you again for your reply!
  3. I agree with AP!

    Overclocking is definitely worth doing when using a processor like the 2500k. If your using a single GPU and not thinking about SLI then 650W PSU should be fine.

    AP to confirm as he is the build pc specialist ;)
  4. I am not against SLI by any means. I did however read that the main SLI benefit came with multiple monitor performance (which I will not be using). Is this true?

    Thanks again!
  5. The reason multi-monitor works better with multiple cards is that there's an obvious performance increase when using the power of 2 cards rather than one. More RAM is available, 2GB is recommended for multi-monitor - also the main reason ATI cards are so popular with people looking for multi-monitor support, the 2GB RAM on a single card works really well compared to the majority of Nvidia cards being 1GB.

    And yes, 600-650w PSU recommended for 6970 build.

    i5-2500k + overclocking...

    This CPU is an absolute beast to be honest. It comes stock at 3.3GHz and almost any p67/z68 motherboard will push 4.5GHz out of an "auto-overclock" with an average CPU cooler. (Hyper 212+ is strongly recommended due to cheap price, and very good cooling performance). Overclocking at this kind of level with give around 30% performance increase. Watercooling will get you even higher (around 5GHz mark). Extra power wont be required, 600/650w PSU will handle it no problem. As for cooling, check out the 212+ I mentioned earlier.
  6. Interesting. A few more question then if you don't mind.

    Obviously going the SLI route bumps the price quite a bit, so if I am running just 1 monitor, should I look at 2x 6870's over 1x 6970?

    Also, again I apologize for the newbness, but the store calculator I am looking at offer 2 choices of 1600MHz ram.
    Corsair core i7 dominator 6gb
    Corsair XMS3 6gb

    Which or perhaps do both meet your suggested perameters?

    Thanks again for all your help!
  7. Neither RAM choice is right for your build. You need Dual Channel RAM, not Tripple Channel.

    "Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz 1.5v CL9" is what your looking for :)

    Yes two 6870's will outperform a single 6970, however buying two 6870's straight away doesn't allow room for future expansion. If you buy one 6970 now, you can add another in a year-2's time or whenever your ready.

    Comparison here 6870 CF vs 6970:

    And both 6870 CF vs 6970 CF:
  8. I like the upgrade later idea! It hadn't crossed my mind.

    That should be enough silly question to get me on my way.

    Thank you for all your help!
  9. No problem :)
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  11. My apologizes for the necro bump.

    As it turns out, I didn't end up getting my new PC after this thread, but it's now time.

    I have a question regarding the processor. An overclocked i5-2500k was highly recommended, and I wondering now about the i7-2600k. Does it have the same level of value as the i5?

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