Q9550 3.3ghz upgraded to 2500k 4.5 ghz oc worth it?

Would it be worth it? I can only get my q9550 to oc to 3.3ghz. So I've been thinking about getting a new CPU. Plus, the new motherboards out now have a lot more compatibility with sata 3 and usb 3 and all.
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  1. That question can only you answer! Your CPU as is is still good but the 2500K and all the new tech is worth it for many especially if you are going the SSD route!
  2. to me not really, but to you it might be, a q9550 is still a very bad man in these parts, but if you would really like to get usb3 and sata 3, then ofcorse
  3. What's the purpose of your PC?

    For CPU intensive tasks a Core i5 will be around 20% more powerful than C2Q clocked at the same speed. You will see less improvement in games unless of course the game is heavily CPU intensive.

    I currently have a Q9450 and it is still good enough for my needs. I may upgrade when Ivy Bridge comes out next year. It will probably be 6%+ more powerful than Intel's current Sandy Bridge CPUs. However, if I can put off the itch to upgrade, then I will upgrade when Haswell CPUs come out in mid 2013.
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