I7-2700k on Z77?

I would like to purchase the SB i7-2700k over the IB i7-3770k because I heard the temperatures for the 3770k is all over the place. I would like to overclock but not spend to much on cooling. So what motherboard would you recommend me to get? Or should I just get a z68 3rd Gen. What downfalls would i have running a Sandy Bridge CPU on a Z77 motherboard meant for Ivy Bridge?I tend to play a lot of cpu based games, that rely on the cpu more than the GPU. I will also b purchasing a amd 7850 with it. Currently i have a x6 1600t (not x6 1100t) I also do video editing and rendering.
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  1. I also can get 2700k for around 80 dollars cheaper than a 3770k
  2. The Z-77 chipset motherboards features are made for the Ivy Bridge to be activated and with a Snady Bridge cpu you won't be able to use them , like the pci-e 3.0 will only work with Ivy Bridge untill Intel puts out an upgrade for the bios.
    The Z-68 chipset motherboard was made for Sandy Bridge and therefore will work well with the i7-2700k. The i7-2700k will still work with the Z-77 MB and there will be no drawbacks to using it. If your not an extreme overclocker and just want to go upto maybe 4.3ghz or a little less then you can use the i7-3770k because the heat issues come in to play at 4.4ghz and over, so an overclock of say 4.2ghz would sill be ok with air cooling.
  3. i wanna try to go as high as i can go without being limited by temps. I'm thinking about just getting a CoolerMaster V8
  4. Ok, that's quite the cooler there , better keep an eye on what your getting for ram sticks and make sure that if you get the tall heat spreaders they don't interfere with the cooler.
  5. Alright thanks for the help and feedback, i'm starting to look at piledriver after reading this thread http://www.overclock.net/t/1291114/coolaler-amd-piledriver-fx-vishera-engineering-sample-benchmarks/90
  6. I would be very carefull about what you read and what some people are predicting , didn't you read all the hype that preceded Bull Dozer and how it was going to be an absolute beast. The only saving grace with the BD is that you can overclock the hell out of it to bring it up to close to an Intel cpu but then by overclocking the Intel cpu it makes the performance separation bigger again.
    If you were to seriously consider Pile Driver then you would need to wait for all the benchmarks to be released after the cpu has been released and not go by engeneering samples.
    Then there's Haswell.
  7. Yah i'm waiting for the benchmarks to come out. I'm gonna buy the mobo and the cpu and the cpu cooler during black friday, i already have everything else. I'm thinking about getting the ASUS Maximus v Gene. And in your personal opinion should i get Sb or IB when i can get the 2700k for 80 dollars cheaper at microcenter. And i'm gonna try the overclock the cpu to it limit (Under 90* for me) I do video rendering and editing. I tend to play high cpu games to
  8. Getting the i7-2700k for $80 cheaoer is hard to pass up, what is the i7-2600k going for because there isn't much difference between the two. Only 100mhz stock speed.
    Is waiting for Haswell an option?
    I'm thinking that the i7-2700k is still an option since it's still a very powerfull cpu and will compete against any cpu for the top spot.
  9. Waiting for haswell, well i can wait, but I'm kinda of a impatient person, and my parents would be supplying the parts for my birthday. Is there that much of a difference for the pci 2.0 x x16 and 3.0 x x16?
  10. Currently there are no video cards that can saturate a Pci-e 2.0 slot so there is no difference between the two. There will be a time coming when the video cards will saturate the Pci-e slot and if you have that now then you'll be ready.
    I think that the dual gpu cards might benefit from Pci-e 3.0 because there are two gpus on a single PCB.
  11. im not going to sli/crossfire. But thanks for the tip. Ill upgrade later
  12. I'm not talking about two seperate video cards in SLI , I'm talking about the cards like the GTX 690 and 590 and the AMD 7990 and 6990 which are essentially two cards put together into one , two gpus on one card. These types of cards may have a chance of saturating the Pci-e 2.o slot.
  13. oh alright, nah those cards are to expensive and to powerful. I would never need them. Thanks for the advice, i plan on picking up a 2700k and a Z77 mobo
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