Who also has the Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H Mobo - got questions if you do

I am curious who else is using this mobo. The reason I ask is cause I need some help with a few things.

Also, what Power Supply are you using on this mobo.

I am trying to install a Seasonic X850 PS and having some questions about the whole cabling thing. If you had any issues trying to get the cables to fit and all that.

I know some people on Newegg were having some problems but you really cant contact them at all on there.

Thanks for any insight or help on this issue
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  1. Uh, what issues with what cables and what ports? general rule of thumb is, if it doesn't fit then it probably doesn't go in that spot.
  2. The ATX power cable for one... the 24 pin doesnt want to click into place... it looks like the plug should go in with the clip (going towards the edge of the mobo)... looks like it should attach itself on that to keep secure.
    Plus I dont have a cable that will fit into the 8 pin plug for the 12v mobo plug on the other side of the mobo.

    These cables dont seem like they want to fit well in general. Even into the power supply itself. They dont want to click like they should. I think you know what im saying by clicking into place cause of that clip part on the plug part of the cable.
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