Digital Storm ODE System VS MY Build - Substantial Differences?!?

Here is a link to a Digital Storm Online pre-built computer listed at $1,999 currently.

My primary concern is editing HD video (probably from HDSLRs) with gaming coming in a close second. I don't have money for a true workstation, so my budget is capped at $2,000. Is there any downside to getting the ODE prebuilt and adding in a Bluray burner and more RAM later? Also, probably another 2TB HD?

Now here is my parts list for what I want in my computer.

Processor: Intel Core i7 2600k:

Motherboard: P8Z68V Pro:

CPU Cooler: Hyper 212+:

RAM: 4 x 4GB:

Video Card:

120 GB SSD:


Power Supply:


Optical Drive:

Bluray Burner:

Windows 7 Professional OEM:

PS: I looked into the fact that it would just be Windows Home, and aside from having XP Compatibility mode I didn't see any features I would likely use with Professional. Suggestions?

So, just to recap. I know a lot of people say build your own, but this system seems mighty close to what I want and quite a value at that. I CAN build my own, but wouldn't this Digital Storm ODE with warranty be an absolute steal?
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  1. DigitalStorm is probably the closest you will get to buying a whole computer filled with quality parts as if you built it yourself. They are one of the few sellers I recommend. If you don't want to go through the trouble and frustration of building one yourself, and it has all the specs you want, the ODE from DSO is really quite a nice pre-built. A friend of mine in Cali is buying one this coming week, after I told him to go check them out.
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    Well, the PSU is quite a step down from the one you list.

    Win 7 Pro has two nice features. I'm sure you have considered the virtual XP mode and have no use for it. The other feature is the ability to back up to NETWORKED storage.

    That seems minor to anyone not familiar with it, but it is not.

    An inexpensive NAS can be parked anywhere on your network, preferably on a different circuit and a different part of the building/house. Since it is ALWAYS ON it can receive automatic backups from any computer at any time, making backups painless.
    Win 7 Premium has only local drive backup functionality.

    The P6P67 LE does not have the USB 3.0 header on the MB, and is not a crossfire/SLI board.

    If none of that persuades you, I would say the pre-built is a good choice.
  3. USB 3.0 is something I want since I will have large video files to back up, and the SLI is also something I want as well to extend the life of the system. So thanks for pointing those two things out because it just makes more sense for me to build it myself then.

    Now maybe someone can weigh in on how I can save some money on parts because my system seems expensive compared to the Digital Storm ODE---like I'm not saving much money building it myself. Maybe the higher quality of the parts in my build is making up for some of that money?
  4. Lets start here then:

    MB and PSU combo
    Corsair AX750 is pretty much identical to the Seasonic.

    CPU and HDD in combo
  5. Good idea on the combos--I didn't think of that. I suppose I could scour the site for rebates right before I purchase. The prices fluctuate so much that it's hard to anticipate.
  6. I know i am in no way contibuting to this, but all those parts from that pre built system cost

    $1820, selling it for $2000 for someone who doesnt want to build their own computer i gotta admit thats a pretty good price.
  7. The warranty and some tech help might come in handy--then again, I end up doing it myself or taking it somewhere relatively local usually if I can't get it worked out. So, in the end, that Digital Storm system could be beefed up a little bit to be exactly what I want but it isn't exactly what I want from the start.
  8. Its definitely better to build a unit yourself. I would check OriginPC though . They offer lifetime support and labor.
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