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So I have this computer that I have connected to my living room TV, and I use it to watch videos and such.

It hasn't been in such a good condition lately, and it is actually about 5 years old.

I want to change some parts in it so that I can run it more smoothly.

What I want to know is, what parts would I generally need to replace?

I'm thinking about replacing the CPU and Motherboard so far, but I was wondering if there were anything else, like an internal hard drive that I need to replace.

Does it matter if the internal hard drive is old? What parts need to be replaced if they're old?

That's pretty much what I need to know.

Thank you!
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    These parts will give you the latest features. Although 32 bit windows only uses about 3 gb of ram, I recommend you get 8 gb now while prices are low and you can get a 64 bit operating system later. Hardrive prices are high right now. Wait for specials if you can. I use an ssd (solid state hardrive) and it's so much faster for booting up, I won't ever go back to a regular hardrive again.
  2. tigerck127, please list the specs of the computer you're talking about. nobody can suggest what to upgrade if nobody knows what's in it.
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