New build: What should I install?

My new gaming build is complete and I have a fresh install of Windows 7 ready to go. Other than that, the system is clean - no bloatware, no apps. It's just Windows and drivers. I want to keep this rig as clean and efficient as possible, but I also want to overclock my CPU and RAM, I want to tweak it and really maintain it (defrag, cleanup, anti-virus, etc.) I'm interested in monitoring performance and benchmarking. The question is: what utilities and apps should I install? I'm willing to pay if necessary. As usual, your feedback is much appreciated.
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  2. I think AVG Free is your best bet for antivirus (

    What are your specs? Specifically the GPU.
    Many people like MSI Afterburner for GPU-monitoring and -OCing.

    CPU overclocking you should do through the BIOS.

    3DMark 11 is the most common GPU benchmarker; I believe it has some CPU aspects as well.

    I use Mozilla Thunderbird for mail, but you may already have a favorite.

    I don't know much about defrag software.
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