Will intel D945GZIS support HD6670/5670 DDR5 graphics cards

Hello Experts,

Kindly request you to please guide me on if my old MOBO intel D945GZIS support HD6670/5670 DDR5 graphics cards.

My query here is mainly for 1 GB DDR5 cards and request your help here. Thanks.
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  1. All,

    The answer I thought was Yes.. and after reading couple of posts on google it seems all PCIe cards are backward compatible to a great extent with 5670 a definite one..

    Any expert can plz confirm this? Thanks.
  2. yes it is b-ward compatible and the cards you listed will work great with your setup

    good luck
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    I have a HD 5670 (PCI-e x 16 2.1) in a (X 16 1.0A) and it works well.
    have to be careful since some 2.1 cards have problems in 1.0 slots
    make sure you update your BIOS before installing the card.
    Mobo makers sometimes had to do an update for the newer cards to work.
    Any HD 5xxx is really a 2.1 even if the ad states 2.0
    but the HD 5670 worked fine for me.

    the HD 6670 cost about $30 more than the HD 5670 for only about %10-%20
    percent improvement
    really only about max 2-3 FPS difference in games
    so that is something to consider if budget is a priority
    the HD 6670 will have newer features for example UVD and ATI Stream etc
    so if the price difference doesnt bother you than go for the HD 6670
    BTW the 1gb wont make a difference with either of those cards
    the HD 5/6670 series is not fast enough to take advantage of the 1gb Vram
    I went for a 512mb HD 5670 GDDR5 card myself

    just to let you know I play the following games if it matters
    Crysis Warhead 1920x1080 DX10 Gamer,1680x1050 DX10 Enthusiast
    Crysis 2 1920x1080 DX9 Hardcore no AA
    Metro 2033 1920x1080 DX11 high settings no AA
    Witcher 2 1920x1080 high settings no AA

    that is with a C2D E4500 2.2 OCd to 2.93 4gb ram

    so you can play higher settings at 1920x1080
    with no AA for most games
    definitely max settings at 1680x1050 for most games
  4. and wow...hats off and thanks a ton for the detailed reply..

    Quick query - plz can you guide me on the bios upgrade part of it and the settings required. Any bios patches required?
  5. sure
    can you tell me more about the computer
    is is factory?
    if it is what is name and model number?
    if it is custom who is the mobo maker?
  6. My system is almost 5 yrs old and have not upgraded it ever since. Had bought all the part piece by piece and had assembled it myself. Thereafter I've not been in touch with the latest techno stuff and hence, am planning to align myself for the next year's upgrade..


    Core2 Duo 1.8Ghz (had bought it on the day of its release - I may try overclocking it but will need expert guidance)
    3 GB DDR2 633Hz
    Intel D945GZIS Motherboard
    450W power supply
    17" CRT monitor
    500GB + 320GB HDD
    DVD Writer
    Gamepad - similar to PS2
    Steering Wheel
    Motion Sensor pistol for shooter games

    Budget is the best and lowest fit to run games like Mafia2, COJ3 or COD latest.. dont want to spend on upgrade since I'll part off with this system next year as am sensing few mind freaking updates from internal sources on Intel. Hence, waiting for the new developments.

    Next year wont mind to shell out $1500 odd to have a new machine and hence, am limiting myself for now.
  7. this is a good guide to get started
    though I am not sure that the Intel board has OCing features
    would have to check BIOS

    the good thing is that the hd 6670 would move to next build or could be sold off
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  9. Thank you for selecting me as Best Answer
    Send me a private message when you get the card
    and let me know how you like it
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